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SPERG + Kryptopyr's mods + Enchanting Awakened


Hello all, I was hoping someone could share their knowledge. I am still in the learning curve of building a mod list and have tried and followed both STEP and SR-LE.


Since SPERG is pretty modular I would like to add that to the current SR-LE setup I have installed. I would like to use the Enchanting Awakened mod and I also want to use Stealth Skill Rebalanced and Smithing Perk's from Kryptopyr. So what follows are my thoughts and questions :)


There is a patch for SPERG + Enchanting Awakened. I do not fully understand the need for a patch, because I think it should suffice if I remove the Override Enchanting.esp

from SPERG's Overide folder and in the Community Uncapper file provided with SPERG adjust the setting fEnchanting=1.1 value to 1


The same goes for Stealth Skills Rebalanced which affect's

  • Sneak (so I remove the Override Sneak.esp from SPERG's Overide folder) And don't need to adjust the settings in the Uncapper .ini because it is already at the standard 1.0
  • Pickpocket (so I remove the Override Pickpocket.esp from SPERG's Overide folder) And adjust in the Uncapper .ini fPickpocket=0.7 value to 1
  • Lockpicking (so I remove the Override Lockpicking.esp from SPERG's Overide folder) And adjust in the Uncapper .ini fLockpicking=1.1 value to 1
For Smithing Perks


Remove the Override Smithing.esp and in the Uncapper .ini  adjust fSmithing=1.5 value to 1.


This should leave me all the other adjustments from SPERG but give the correct setting for Enchanting Awakened and the balance and gameplay for Stealth as well as the correct setting for Smithing Perks from Kryptopyr's mods.


But... if there is a but please allow me to learn from your input :)

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