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Confused about V-Sync, Anti Aliasing & Anisotropic Filtering in the SR:LE guide

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Hi all.


I have followed the SR:LE guide, and it is up to date.


However, one thing I am not quite sure about is whether I've got the V-Sync, AA and AF settings right, like they should be.


It would be great if someone could tell me all the places these can be set for Skyrim, including INI files, ENB files, Nvidia Inspector (I just noticed that the Nvidia Inspector section isn't there any more?!?!), Launcher, and any others.


Also, for SR:LE, how should it be set in all these places.


For reference, and your information, my settings (which I know about), are as follows.


Launcher - AA set to Off and AF set to Off

ENB files - As per Neo's guide. Haven't tweaked it manually at all.

SkyrimPrefs.ini, Skyrim.ini, Nvidia Inspector Settings for Skyrim are attached.


Please, and thank you in advance, anyone who can help me understand this.






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One more place where you can turn on/off vrius AA methods - ENB in-game GUI. Shift+Enter and look it uup in top-right window.

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ENB does cover the AF and AA portion of the guide, yes. This is why it is recommended to remove any hardware AA/AF from the Skyrim ini files.

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