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Mod Organizer suddenly 'not responding'



Hi there, I really hope you can help me.


I've been playing my current game of Skyrim for about 50 hours (not straight obviously) having used STEP to set up my game in the first place.  I've used Mod Organizer to load all my mods and start up SKSE from there.


I'd started to get CTDs and after some research decided running Optimizer Textures a couple of times would help and indeed it did.  No more CTDs.  I suppose I must have started and quit the game two or three times since doing that, with 3 or 4 hours of gameplay.


However, after a break, Mod Organizer is no longer working.  It opens the window then freezes into 'not responding.'  I'm absolutely baffled.  I honestly can't think of anything I've done that would affect it.


I'm using 0.12.9.


Any suggestions very gratefully received! I was having such fun. :(

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@rootsrat - yes and it doesn't make a difference.  Heart-in-mouth, I've now made copies of the downloads/mods/overwrites folders and starting again completely.  I fully expect my game to be screwed. ;)


So weird, I'm just as interested to know what's happened really.

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At risk of sounding very stupid I've found a file called 'ModOrganizer.exe.dmp' Is that significant? Thanks for the /profile reminder too.

Well, I don't know what the hell all that was about, but flippin' 'eck, my game is working again! Ok, so MO stopped working but I SO appreciate how easy it was to fix. Thank you Mod Organizer Person! Thank you STEP People!!


And thanks for the responses @rootsrat. I was a bit downcast!

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