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installing based on skyrim revisited but using wrye



hi! it's unfortunate that i found the existence of "skyrim revisited" late after following the guide of skyrim STEP 2.2.6. had i known, i would have chosen to use Mod Organizer rather than wrye, thinking wrye was superior (during oblivion days) than MO.


that said, i have downloaded 90% of mods in STEP and repacked them in BAIN as necessary. i didnt download the "installer version" of the mods if available but chose to download it manually.


now, i would like to follow the skyrim revisited because i would like to incorporate body replacers and enb which are not STEP mods.


my question is, can i use all my BAIN ready installers in MO? (i dont want to repeat the tedious process of downloading mods) and should i follow the install order of skyrim revisited or maintain the install order prescribed by STEP?

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