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MO with SR question after STEP install



I got step installed for the most part. I am using MO v99. I created a new profile for Skyrim Revisited. Per STEP instructions I renamed my mods to match the Order such as




When I do SR, I will want to rename them to match the SR numbering/ordering so its easier to find the mods.made a new profile, but it shows my existing mods from my STEP profile with the names. 


Is there a way to take a backup of these mods and the profile and then rename/install for Skyrim Revisited? I would want to be able to paste the mods back into my Skyrim/Data directory in a way that MO picks them up for my STEP profile? 

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First - MO .99 does not seem stable to me - I reverted to the last stable version (12.8 I think).


Second - you could try copying/moving all the folders in you MO/Mods folder somewhere else (storage) and then just dropping in the ones you want to use. I suggest shutting down MO while you do this but it may not be necessary. Each folder in this directory creates one mod in MO.

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