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ssue installing Skyrim Redone



Hello all, i'm trying to install skyrim redone. but something seems o be wrong.




i have skyim version with all dlc and 1.6.16 rel44 of SKSE


i have a clean install of skyrim with only the DLC, the unofficial patches, Skyrim Redone and Unoffical SkyrimRedone patch both at last version.


everything seems to be installed correctly with NMM and BOSS is not saying mutch more.



The point is that when i load a fresh save (a new game saved at helgen keep) , i don't see any in-game changes, no new perk tree for example.


if any one has an idea of what could cause this or a way to find a log where i coud find the answer, i woul be very greatfull.






(and sorry for my English wich, obviously, is not my mother language )

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go to nexus and look for SkyRe 'reproccer'. Its a special mod you have to run manually. SkyRe changes a bunch of files other than SkyRe. SkyRe makes changes to other files and this needs to be run before this works. Also, if you have other mods installed, there are a bunch of Reproccer patches for them too.


I had an issue with SkyRe myself that caused me to reinstall. This is before I discovered STEP. I had installed it, but I had alot of mods installed and was getting CTD. So I uninstalled everything and slowly added stuff back to find the CTD. I got the CTDs from mods that enhanced towns/cities., etc. and NOT from SkyRe.


reinstalled SkyRe, re-ran the reproccer. I got a popup saying 'you have a potion to change your perks'. Potion never came (evne with a new character) and no perk tree changes. SkyRe wouldnt work. I reinstalled Skyrim.


What else do you have installed? You may want to try a fresh skyrim installed and just do SkyRe to see if you can get it to work (need reproccer and can save your save games). SkyRe 'should' give you a popup stating you got a potion to refund your perks.

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