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Deadly Spell Impacts causing CTD's



I've been experiencing freezing as of latest patches/dragonborn...I hadn't experienced freezing prior to this. But I've noticed that this mod can in fact cause freezing and you've tackled it for the most part, I don't believe it has to do with vram but rather some kind of scripting incompatibility. I've noticed freezes when fighting dragons (maybe their decals left from the ground), or when in a room with those traps that fling fire, it leads me to believe it's spell decals causing the freezing. I'm going to try and play skyrim without the .esp and see if it works and i'll report back.


Well I've played for a little while and no freezes as of yet, had a good two or three dragon battles out in the wilderness and nothing has gone wrong. I'm going to keep trying though to ensure stability, all i'm doing is using the textures now and no .esp file



isoku the mod developer is aware of the issue and is working on an update soon, i'd suggest for the time being this mod is temporarily disabled/removed.

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