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Online Roleplaying Discussion!


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Hey folks!


You might remember me from a while ago asking for help in getting Skyrim to run with STEP installed, well I did (with some help!) and have gotten my fill, for now, of Skyrim. I'm currently in a "phase" where I'm looking into underrepresented genres of gaming, this seemed like a good place to gather more connections and feedback on it. I've recently been curious about role-playing online. First hand reaction you get when I tell people I'm looking into role-play... well, let's just say it seems to be a hard sell. Hear me out though. Have you ever played GTA? Good.


Imagine an online GTA where people own houses, arranges "street racing" with in-game money betting, where some players plays cops and scouts the city for races or illegal activities, and so forth. More or less an alive city with people playing for different factions, goals and ideals. I got convinced to play on such a server, it took me a few days to get into the flow but once I understood the approach... it was most probably the best gaming experience I've had. It felt like an interactive digital movie.


Unfortunately that place shut down and I'm now looking for more like-minded people or interesting projects on role-play. Are there any suggestions, ideas or people playing currently on role-playing games?


Imagine Skyrim like that? Too bad our only hope for something similar right now seems to be Elder Scrolls Online, though on that note...


I've been getting some suggestions on World of Warcraft role-playing. This project looks very interesting but I have not tried it yet, anyone here playing WoW RP with more knowledge? Or do you have suggestions for other games/mediums?



Don't kill me for liking nerdmanship. It's fun once you try. 


PS: After some thought I think I might cross-post to the Nexus forums, if there's any good place there to ask about this kind of stuff, might be a couple more responses, hehe.

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Actually' date=' I happen to come from a expansive online roleplaying community. RPG Crossing (formerly DND Online Games), to be more specific. It's a community built on Play by Post (running tabletop games via forum posting), and it's really fun (gets my recommendation). Haven't tried anything else yet. But maybe Elder Scrolls online would be fun.

I have to say that sounds great, I'll check out since I've done some DnD on the internet before, back in the day, though I'm more looking for something fluid and easy like in a video game.


Speaking of which, I think this video convinced me to really give the community I mentioned in the OP a chance:




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I used to RP a lot in my WoW days :)


It was good fun! I generally like to RP my games, even if it's single player game, and not necessarily an actual RPG. I just like to immerse myself in the world created in given game. Damn, I even used to RP GTA!

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Sadly RP in online games gets progressively worse the more people are playing in the same world at any one time!

Not counting all the trolls that just want to try to ruin it for people of course!


I personally only ever had a few good online RP experiences on the LOTR online RP server... but man the admins there where trigger happy to the extreme, but it also created a very pleasant and nice atmosphere for people to RP. Was actually fun to see parties of higher level people running around in the lower level areas enjoying themselves. A bit strange to talk to them if you where asking about a quest location etc.... since suddenly you are part of their story!

But I also once got rescued by a high level party that saw my character in distress ( I was running for dear life) that was a cool thing, and as payment I played along for a while... good times.

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