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Skyrim completely in Slow Motion - no glitch! FIXED



Hey guys. I just got a really upsetting bug and thankfully fixed it right away.

I started my computer, enabled my sourround sound headset, started gamebooster, steam and launched Skyrim with ATTK. The main menu skyrim symbol spinning speed was in slow motion. I loaded my latest savegame and everything in the whole game was in slow motion. Nothing I could do against it. My character uses neither Bow nor shield nor does he have the slow time shout or any perk that would allow him to slow down time in any aspect.

I made this savegame exactly after stopping using a tanning rack. But all other savegames were as well affected by this issue!


No post so far on the internet has stated anything that I could do about this issue - the only results which included a fix were for the glitch of endless slowtime when using a bow and somehow doing sth weird whilst zooming in and thus slowing time. However this was not what happened to me.


My whole GAME was in slow motion.


What fixed it for me was to chkdsk /F my OS drive. Apparently some steam value got corrupted which lead to a memory leak of some sorts. Steam validated itself afterwards and now the issue is gone. I do not know whether this came to be because of ATTK or gamebooster. Probably just a bad coincidence.

However I'm happy to have found the solution to this issue and I wanted all of you to know what's wrong with your computer when you encounter this issue!

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