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Optimizing textures to the same size



I have a quick question about DSopt.

Does it improve performance if i optimize dds files from the Mod "Skyrim HD" (or others) 2048 to resolution limit 2048 again? 


Edit: Would it be a good idea to just let Dsopt optimize all dds files in alle mod folders i have?

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This is discussed in more detail in the DDSopt and Texture Overhaul guide . The author of that mod seems to have already done adequate texture optimization. I don't run DDSopt on mods that don't seem to need further optimization.


The guide also discusses reduced resolution normal maps for performance improvement; if you need additional performance improvement this is one of the mods for which reduced resolution normal maps can be useful.


Answers about whether or not to run DDSopt or not on particular mods is typically not simple since it depends on your system and other mods that are used. The guide tries to provide some guidance on this, but most of us need still to experiment to get the right mix.

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Thank you, Kelmych.


I tested it by myself yesterday. I optimized all mods i currently have like 100, and after all it could optimize 20 mods with textures. Then i did a benchmark for VRAM.

There wasn't really a difference. So i just use the originals now. You can see my system specs in my sig, btw.


Maybe this is interesting for other users who try to get the highest possible quality AND performance:

After several benchmarks it seems like the biggest performance impact regarding VRAM comes from the official HRDLC Packs followed by the Mods from "2.F. Conflicting Graphics".

So what i first did, was to optimize HRDLC1, 2 and 3 with the instructions of https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:DDSopt_%26_Texture_Overhauls#tab=DDSopt_Optimization

Everything was fine then until i installed the Conflicting Graphic Mods. I experienced some stutter, so I got the Hi-Res DLC Optimized Mod (https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/9080) and installed the "Hybrid (1024+2048)", loading after the optimized HRDLC1, 2 and 3. It saves around 80 mb vram. Now there is nearly no stutter but it's really running at the limit at around 1.500 MB vram (my GTX580 has 1.5 GB Vram). So maybe i have to change some of the Conflicting Graphics Mods from 2048 to 1024, but i don't really want to because even the difference is not huge, 2048 look really amazing regarding the details. I am testing and installing since 4 days now, following the actual STEP Guide, what a huge project! I don't want to know how much work it was to do this guide. Great Work!

But after all, it's fun!

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