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How to use?



I know this has already been posted but i'm not following how to use them. Do I extract the bcf that corresponds with its mod into the mod's zip or rar file? or do just put the bcf's amongst my other mods in wyre bash installers folder?


Also wouldnt Coverkhajits, HD Baskets, Dawnguard Closer and hidden crossbow bolts and Dragonborn closer arrows also need a BCF since they show up in Wyre Bash as grey square? Im sorry im a noob at this stuff.



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I put the BCF's in the Bash Installer folder the one with all my mods in it, and when I open Wyre Bash the BCF's along with the mods that were grey box are still the same. Am I doing something wrong?


*Edit* Never mind I had them in the Bash Installers folder and not in the Converters folder like you mentioned. Thanks again.

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