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NifSkope again: Dissecting da09meridiastatuefx.nif


After finishing my Nirnroots to my satisfaction I've moved on to my next project - replacing Meridia's Beacon and all the glowing crystals in Kilkreath Temple. I've got the beacon's inventory model all shiny-textured up to my liking but changing the model that is displayed when you place it on the pedestal is proving to be another head-scratcher. You would think I could just copy and paste the  BSLightingShaderProperty from crystal.nif, which works perfectly, onto da09meridiastatuefx.nif, and in Nifskope it looks fine:





But in game it turns almost invisible, which somehow isn't solved by removing the NiAlphaProperty from the crystal NiTriShape:





I would include screencaps of my block details but I don't know which blocks anyone would need to see in order to troubleshoot; let me know and I'll post those. Thanks in advance

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