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Can not copy whiterunLODlightsControlDummy [REFR:000B11EC]



I was running the DynDOLOD executable through MO2 after having completed the TexGen part, and I encountered an issue where I was told that it couldn't copy "whiterunLODlightsControlDummy".


The message said to submit a report to here if the problem persisted, so I've attached the two log .txt files. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! :)




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Exception in unit prepare line 581: Can not copy whiterunLODlightsControlDummy [REFR:000B11EC] (places TrapLinker "Trap Linker" [ACTI:00079986] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WhiterunWindDistrict03 [CELL:0001A275] (in WhiterunWorld "Whiterun" [WRLD:0001A26F] at 6,-1)) from Skyrim.esm into DynDOLOD.esp Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\projects\DynDOLOD\wbImplementation.pas, line 13982)
Check log lines above the exception for additional hints. Check the FAQ and search official forum http://forum.step-project.com/forum/101-shesons-dyndolod-support/ for those errors.
If problem persists, post error report with entire contents (not just the last couple lines) of ..\DynDOLOD\bugreport.txt and ..\DynDOLOD\logs\DynDOLOD_TES5_log.txt to official forum http://forum.step-project.com/forum/101-shesons-dyndolod-support/
Following the suggestions of the error message to search the official forum finds this related thread
Following the suggestions of the error message to check the FAQ finds this answer:
FAQ: DynDOLOD.exe: Exception in unit xxx line xxx: Can not copy xxxx from xxxx.esp into xxx.esp
A: Often caused by a broken bashed patch. Use a newer Wrye Bash version to create the patch or do not use the merge patches option. 
A: There might be plugin in the load order with errors. Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video for help.



If removing the bashed patch lets the process run through, it means that the bashed patch is broken and needs to be generated again with a newer version of Wrye Bash

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