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Help needed with Merge Plugins and ReLinker





I am currently building my Modded Skyrim SE by using DarkladyLexys Guide as a Template, and then adding some stuff of my own.




When I activate ReLinker Output, I get an immediate CDT after the Skyrim Logo and before I see the Main Menu (Continue, Load, ....).


My Software:

Skyrim SE (Steam Version)


Mod Organizer 2

Merge Plugins Standalone

(I already did Bashed Patch, Smashed Patch and zPatch they seem to work fine)


What I was able to find out:

Relinker output consists of a few textures and 4 Scripts, the scripts are the problem.


I think I may make a mistake in the process of merging and relinking, so I write down what I do and hope that someone spots an error and is able to help me:



- i usually put all patches in the same Mod as the original Mod when installing through Mod Organizer 2 (my Mod List has close to 500 entries does not need to be any longer)

- when I merge stuff I move all affected plugins (mostly patches) to the bottom of the load order in the right order, launch Merge Plugins through Mod Organizer two, check them, check the Masters,  do the Merge without copying assets, merges do work I tested them

- after merging I go into all the affected mods and rename the no longer needed esps to .mohidden


- quit Mod Organizer 2, launch Relinker64, enter paths, wait... seems to work...




I already did I Oldrim with 400 Mods which worked fine for the most part, since that was only 400 Mods I did not need to Merge Patches with scripts, so no ReLinker was needed.



I moved Skyrim and Skyrim SE to C:\Games since I hate having the in ...steamapps\common... but they work fine there along with all other modding tools also Relinker gets its own paths and does not complain about them so I don´t think thats the problem.


Thanks for staying so long and working through my english^^



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Thank you, that was the problem version 40 compiles working scripts.


I even knew there was a new and buggy version, but when I downloaded relinker v44 was one and a half year old... that cant be that new buggy version^^ Dumb me^^

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