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  1. That is true but still strange. The problem is only agains physical damage. Fo4Edit shows Armor: 20 physical Resistance: 1 Fallout 4 Tooltip shows: Armor 41 When I wear the Armor and nothing else, my Armor rating is 20 Even if it is some attached Mod why is the Tooltip different from the actual effect? And if "Armor Rating" is the important bit, what does physical resistance do? Sorry for my noobish questions, I played too much Elder Scrolls and too little Fallout :-)
  2. I checked NVIDIA Control Panel and it says: 32 bits RGB 8 Bits per Channel Full Spectrum if I interpret the values correctly. Oldrim and Fallout 4 have no Color Banding at all, so I dont think it can be some global setting, it has to be specific to my installation of Skyrim SE
  3. I am currently modding my Fallout 4 mostly what BiRaitBec Modlist says: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23556?tab=description But I am using MO2 Mator Smash and Merge Plugins as I am used to from Modding Skyrim. In my first test playthrough I encountered a rather strong piece of clothing that looked suspicious, so I checked and its from Far West Minuteman I should have resistance values 1 / 20 /10 according to Fo4Edit but ingame it shows 41 / 20 / 10 When I put it on my armor is 20 / 20 /10 What can I do to find out what is wrong? (I am not that expierienced with Fo4Edit) Thanks for reading Martin # This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer. Fallout4.esm DLCRobot.esm DLCworkshop01.esm DLCCoast.esm DLCworkshop02.esm DLCworkshop03.esm DLCNukaWorld.esm Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp ArmorKeywords.esm GCM_DLC_Automatron.esl XDI.esm HUDFramework.esm FCOM.esm SimSettlements.esm Robot Home Defence.esm TrueStormsFO4.esm FlaconOil_BA2_2K_Part1.esp FlaconOil_BA2_2K_Part2.esp FlaconOil_BA2_2K_Part3.esp LooksMenu.esp Armorsmith Extended.esp GCM.esp LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp BostonFPSFixAIO.esp Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp No Aggro Impact Landing.esp NamedNPCProtect-uber.esp SettlementMenuManager.esp EasyHacking.esp EasyLockpicking.esp Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp CBBE.esp PaladinBaileyRedRocket.esp Perk Magazine Material Fix.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion-VanillaWeight.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-Junk+DEF_INV.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-CosmeticsByClass.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-ArmorByClass.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-Weapons.esp HAAS Overkill Automatron.esp VaultSuitUnzipped.esp WestTekTacticalOptics.esp RealFemaleSynths.esp Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp Crimsomrider's Accessories.esp CROSS_Cybernetics.esp NanoSuit.esp HN66-SiriusArmor.esp Mercenary.esp M9.esp m82a.esp CROSS_PlasRail.esp Crossbow.esp RemoteExplosives.esp RU556.esp ASVektor.esp McMillanCS5.esp WeaponsHD.esp Viper6610.esp CROSS_CryoLance.esp CROSS_RugerMkV.esp Quad_Fusillade.esp Krebs.esp BE_Enhanced Grenades.esp P90.esp CorvalhoWidowShotgun.esp ClassicSniper.esp SVT40.esp DOOMDesertEagle.esp AUG-A1.esp PD_LowerWeapon.esp SOTS.esp BetterSettlers.esp BetterSettlersCleanFacePack.esp W.A.T.Minutemen.esp Far West Minutemen.esp Synth Overhaul.esp ImmersiveDogmeat.esp BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp FCOM FW MM.esp MinutemenMerged.esp WastelandCodex.esp AA FusionCityRising.esp CompanionJasmineWITHQUEST.esp CompanionLauraWITHQUEST.esp Minuteman Watchtowers.esp VaultTecStory.esp llamaCompanionHeather.esp AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp BetterSettlersCCAPack2.0.esp KSHairdos.esp MiscHairstyle.esp The Eyes Of Beauty.esp Wasteland Heroines Replacer All in One_1.0.0.esp EveryonesBestFriend.esp WorkshopRearranged.esp SkjAlert_All_DLC.esp AGOMBz.esp ImmersiveScrapping_SeasonPass.esp ImmersiveScrapping_TidyUp.esp SalvageBeacons.esp SimSettlements_MegaPack_YearOne.esp No More Fake Puddles - Nuka World 1-0.esp dD-Enhanced Blood.esp dD - Screen Blood Duration Medium.esp PIP-Pad.esp PIP-Pad_LMCC.esp Clean Water - Clear - Rads.esp TrueStormsFO4-FarHarborExtraRads.esp TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbor.esp TrueStormsFO4-NukaWorld-FH-Compat.esp AGM_Climate_TrueStormsPC.esp TrueStormsFO4-GlowingSeaExtraRads.esp EPO Redux.esp RadiantBirdsv05.esp Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul - Far Harbor.esp Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul - Nuka World.esp Realistic_conversations.esp BleakBeauty.esp Better Explosives.esp Better Locational Damage.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp RaiderOverhaul.esp Immersive Fallout - Movement (DLC).esp Immersive Fallout - Real Recoil (DLC).esp Immersive Fallout - Realistic ADS (DLC).esp Better Cooking.esp Better Locational Damage - Ghoul Edition.esp Better Explosives - Grenade Frequency 30.esp EnhancedLightsandFX.esp Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp PIP-Pad_Pip-BoyFlashlight.esp Better Chems - Valdacils Item Sorting.esp Radrose Usability Enhancements.esp AllPatchesMerged.esp AWKCR_Scriptpatch.esp StartMeUp.esp Smashed Patch.esp
  4. Id did all the ini tweaks again, but there is still visible Color Banding. I decided to live with it^^
  5. Ok I googled Color Banding and it looks like what I am expierencing, only that I seem to have to most extreme case known to google *laugh* On the sceenshot it is only visible on the skin, in the game its nearly everywhere, adds a strange flicker to all larger textures, mail armor makes you crazy if you look at it for too long^^ Also its not the textures itself because the bands are not along color gradients, must be a light or shadow thing. I will try turning of Lens Flare in the ini and introducing dithering in the ENB, both is know to help as far as I have googled. Many people claim its an Nvidia problem but since it only affects skyrim I dont think that this line of reasoning brings me closer to the solution...
  6. Thanks for your advice but I was not able to fix the problem, its not the monitor and it only happens in Skyrim SE, not in Oldrim with 400 Mods and not in Fallout 4... I tried cranking up antialiasing, that did nothing then I switched to Natural view Tamriel ENB, that lessens the problem but it does not fix it.
  7. First of all thanks for all the work, I replicated about 85% of the guide and the results are stunning! I just wasnt ready to give up on CBBE yet so I replaced all the non CBBE stuff. BTW: Inhabitants of Skyrim -> Ordinary Women -> 3dNPCs -> HOTT 3DNPCs generates absolutely reliable CTDs getting rid of Ordinary Women fixes it^^ I am experiencing strange flickering textures (https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13611-flickering-textures-in-skyrim-se-what-is-this-effect-called-and-what-to-do-about-it/) so I replaced Phoenix ENB by Natural View Tamriel ENB which lessens the Problem... Calibrating stuff did not help, I am quite sure it has to do with light and or shadows but I do not really know what to do about it... For those with to many mods in the Load Order: Hiding stuff via MO2 is more effective than moving it to optionals, you are then able to use a windows search for *.mohidden if you cannot find some esp... saves a lot of time :-) The Great Equalizer only cares about weapons and armor, so you can deactivate all esps that are not masters and don't contain any weapons or armor. (The High Quality Sound stuff, World Map....) If you are still over 254 at the Wrye Bash step no problem: Deactivate ESPs from the bottom of your load order upwards until you reach 254 (or FE), do Wrye Bash, let him deactivate all the mods that get incorporated into the bashed patch, if you are unsure if all the deactivated mods are already in your previously built patch let rim run the patch else you can skip this, now exit Wrye Bash activate all your manually deactivated esps from Bashed Patch upwards, run Wrye Bash again... DONE!
  8. https://imgur.com/a/rHLzbLM Hello, as you can see in the screenshot I have strange flickering effects on my textures, visible mostly on large areas of the same color like skin... they are even moving like on an old analog CRT TV with bad antenna reception for those who remember the old times^^ Can you tell me what that is and what to do about it? My settings are exactly what DarkladyLexy advides here https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE. Thanks for your time. Martin
  9. Thank you, that was the problem version 40 compiles working scripts. I even knew there was a new and buggy version, but when I downloaded relinker v44 was one and a half year old... that cant be that new buggy version^^ Dumb me^^
  10. Looks like there is a whitespace in your Path between "Mod Organizer" and "\" which makes no sense... I can only advise checking your ModOrganizer.ini and all the paths in it. It also sounds like you startet using MO after you already installed Mods using NMM, which is a really bad Idea unless you really really really know what you are doing. I suggest backing up your Savegames and reinstalling Skyrim and everything else. None of that shoud be in your Progams directory...
  11. Hello, I am currently building my Modded Skyrim SE by using DarkladyLexys Guide as a Template, and then adding some stuff of my own. https://wiki.step-project.com/User:DarkladyLexy/Lexys_LOTD_SE Problem: When I activate ReLinker Output, I get an immediate CDT after the Skyrim Logo and before I see the Main Menu (Continue, Load, ....). My Software: Skyrim SE (Steam Version) Relinker64 Mod Organizer 2 Merge Plugins Standalone (I already did Bashed Patch, Smashed Patch and zPatch they seem to work fine) What I was able to find out: Relinker output consists of a few textures and 4 Scripts, the scripts are the problem. I think I may make a mistake in the process of merging and relinking, so I write down what I do and hope that someone spots an error and is able to help me: Merging: - i usually put all patches in the same Mod as the original Mod when installing through Mod Organizer 2 (my Mod List has close to 500 entries does not need to be any longer) - when I merge stuff I move all affected plugins (mostly patches) to the bottom of the load order in the right order, launch Merge Plugins through Mod Organizer two, check them, check the Masters, do the Merge without copying assets, merges do work I tested them - after merging I go into all the affected mods and rename the no longer needed esps to .mohidden ReLinking: - quit Mod Organizer 2, launch Relinker64, enter paths, wait... seems to work... PS: I already did I Oldrim with 400 Mods which worked fine for the most part, since that was only 400 Mods I did not need to Merge Patches with scripts, so no ReLinker was needed. PPS: I moved Skyrim and Skyrim SE to C:\Games since I hate having the in ...steamapps\common... but they work fine there along with all other modding tools also Relinker gets its own paths and does not complain about them so I don´t think thats the problem. Thanks for staying so long and working through my english^^ Martin
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