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Problem with Nexus links in MO



So I started a fresh installation of Skyrim and all of my utilities (MO, SKSE, Wrye Bash etc.) and after I got everything all installed and working I started to download a couple of mods. I downloaded the Optimized Vanilla textures mod using the download through manager button and that worked fine, but after that I had issues. I tried to download Better Dialogue Controls via the Mod Manager Download button and I got the error message:

No handler found
No application registered to handle this game.
If you expected Mod Organizer to handle the link, you have to go to Settings->Nexus and click the "Associate with ... links"-button.
If you have NMM installed, you can re-register it for nxm-links so it handles links MO doesn't.
I googled a bit and found this thread: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4736-google-chrome-cant-download-from-skyrim-nexus-using-mo/

Now I use Firefox, but I tried the other options listed on that post including running the nxmhandler.exe and also clicking the Associate with links button under settings and I'm still having the same issue. Anyone have a clue what might be causing this issue for me?

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Run Firefox and click the 3-line menu at the top right to open the menu and click Options. Scroll down a ways until you find Applications with a list box containing Content Type and Action. Scroll through this list to find nxm. If it's set to Always Ask, click it to see if it has an option like 'Use "C:\Games\ModOrganizer\nxmhandler.exe" "%1"' in the list. If so and the path is correct, change it to use this handler to see if this helps. If you don't see any entry with the correct path to nxmhandler.exe, close Firefox and register the nxmhandler again.

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