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Wyre Bash: Error message after rebuilding Bashed Patch





I am sorry if this was addressed before, but I couldn't search nor google any helpful results ... 


Initial state: I modded Skyrim SE along TechAngel85's SSE Guide with some addons mainly around the game changing legacy of the dragonborn mod. 


Problem #1: After the last update of LotD, I had to rebuild my bashed patch and got the error message below. Therefore I checked with xEdit at the corresponding entry "NPC_BowDrawn_MT", please see the picture below. Is it possible, that the missing value for "Rotate while Moving Run" is the culprit? 


Problem #2: It seems my leveled lists are too big. Is there a way to narrow down, who is the major cause? My guess is, after reading the log, there are two lists that want to add 282/255 and 267/255 items. I'm missing the memo about which list(s) in particular, to identify the possible mods responsible!

Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp: MOVT.SPED: Expected size == 44, but got: 40 
Error loading 'MOVT' record and/or subrecord: 0003580C
  eid = u'NPC_BowDrawn_MT'
  subrecord = 'SPED'
  subrecord size = 40
  file pos = 204719
Error in Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp
ubyte format requires 0 <= number <= 255
<bash.brec.ModWriter instance at 0x175D4BE8> LLCT B (282,)
ubyte format requires 0 <= number <= 255
<bash.brec.ModWriter instance at 0x175D4BE8> LLCT B (267,)






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The reason was "Book Covers Skyrim", which is redundant and blows up the leveled lists in case Legacy of the Dragonborn is added to TechAngel85's modlist. :-D

Still, I would like to know how I can identify the overloaded lists from wyre bash. TY!




Sorry for all those posts ...  ::P:

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UPDATE: I was able to solve the problem #1 by deleting movement records from the Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp; They are taken care of by Smilodon and Mortal Enemies anyway!


Regarding the leveled lists, does anyone know a good source/help/tutorial/... about solving the 255 max entries limit? I read there is a way to integrate a leveled list inside a list while pointing somehow. Can this be done with Wyrebash or do I need to solve the issue inside the Creation Kit?


Plan B: Can I create a "Bashed Patch" that only includes leveled lists from the esm's (Skyrim.esm + cleaned esm's + USSEP + Bruma) and let the mods esp-patches (Morrowloot Ultimate, Legacy of the Dragonborn, Summermyst,...) correct the leveled lists according to their load order? I have 242 active esp's, maybe I can ignore the merge from the bashed patch then ... 

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There is no way for you to know that a mod has more the 255 items in the Leveled Lists automatically. That would need to be a feature request. The error about SSEGuide CRPatch.esp just means that the record is a different size then expected. Upgrade to the latest Wrye Bash since I make record changes as needed. Then if the error still occurs you will need to save with the CK.

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