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Problems using MO with Fallout VR - no game identified error



Hi I’m having trouble setting up the Mod Organizer and was wondering if someone can help. When I click the modorganizer.exe it comes up with this error message:

Error - no game identified in C/program files x86/steam/steamapps/common/fallout4vr. The directory is required to contain the game binary and its launcher.

I have installed fallout 4 vr on steam and the folder it’s trying to access has the fallout4.exe as well as the fallout4launcher.exe I also have a fallout4vr.exe as well as a fallout4vr.launcher.exe

Is this obvious to anyone what I am doing wrong? I hope so lol

Thanks in advance


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I've changed the title to be more specific to the issue. 


Going back through the Discord logs, one of the developers has made a Fallout4 VR plugin that is still very much in beta stage. There is no link for a test download so you will have to use something else to mod your VR version for the time being

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