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STEPed Skyrim and gpu temps





I run Skyrim - modded with STEP and some more - on my PC:


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400@3.00

4 Gb RAM (2x2)

MSI GTX 560ti TwinFrozr II OC


I`m getting to 76 degrees C for my gpu in a few seconds after I load a outdoor location. I Just super cleaned my PC and now it`s clean as new. I didn`t yet tested more thouroughly, just a few mminutes outdoor and get this temp. I have my reasons to believe my card could be problematic. For example, with MSI`s Kombustor, I get to 96 degrees C in 6 minutes. When I stop it, temp suddenly goes down to 70 and then slowly goes to around 38 in about 20 seconds after witch stabilizes to about 34-35 degrees.


My question is, for this gpu, what would be expected temps and highest temp acceptable in Skyrim modded with STEP (if this has anything to do with temps)?


Thank you!

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96c is definitely riding the line of what's considered safe for the 560, but I wouldn't consider that strange for modded Skyrim, especially if your ambient temperature is high. You can always modify your fan curves/speeds to try to get the card cooler, but that will result in more noise. The maximum temperature listed for the 560 on nVidia's site is 99c.

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