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Help with Mod Organizer for Morrowind



Hello There,


For the life of me I can't seem to get Mod Organizer to work correctly with Morrowind. Now, I know there is no official support for Morrowind, but I followed a helpful topic on the Bethsoft forums to trick Mod Organizer into recognizing Morrowind by using an executable for Fallout New Vegas. The thread is here


My problem is that none of the .ESP files are being recognized by the game, MLOX, or any other utility. I take it this is because Mod Organizer doesn't have access to Morrowind.ini where the load order is managed, yet I know other's have gotten Mod Organizer to work regardless.


Am I missing something?

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Actual compatibility is unobtainable right now, I think.  I've tried a lot of stuff, including creating symlinks to match the Morrowind naming, but I believe work needs to happen to make the ESP files decodabable by the application.

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So I wonder if the older version of Mod Organizer had it working, but something changed in later versions. I've been trying just about everything I know for a few days, but nothing seems to work.


Should I stick with Wrye Mash for now?

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