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Need a bit of help



Hi There,



     I am not even sure how to ask this question because I do not know what is happening...but here goes.


     Somehow, when I dragged and dropped a mod up the list in the left hand  panel of MO, when it reappeared a whole bunch of other mods became attached to it and are now shown as depending downward as a sub list from the mod I moved.


     So I deleted all the mods involved, both the mod I moved and the other mods which formed in a sub list below this mod and got MO back to showing the remaining mods in a straightforward list.




     So I reinstalled SKSE first and it looked fine; it is shown at the bottom of the main list just like all of the other remaining mods. But when I then began reinstalling other mods, the very first one which was  SKUI5 shows up again  as a sub mod of SKSE.


      In other words, I am stuck with this thing happening where I can not get the mods to install and be listed in a straight list. They all install under SKSE as a sub mod.



    1. Why did this happen and.....?


     2. How do I get MO back to installing the mods in a straight list with each mod being separate and not being shown in a sub list under SKSE?



Thank you very much.

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