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1 Steam Game, 2 Installations?



My last crazy question for a while.. I promise = )


Does anyone know how, or if it's possible, to install two copies of Skyrim or Fallout new Vegas, so on... on the same system without having to use third party software ?


Say 1 copy for the vanilla game and 1 copy for a modded game... or what I actually want to do... 1 copy for my modded New Vegas game and another copy to mod new vegas differently? 


I'm aware that MO allows for different profiles but I don't want to see 200 deactivated mods while I'm working. Especially since I merge a number of mods together. 


or....... Perhaps two Mod Organizer installations would work? ... hmmm. I use different MO installs for different games so that may make sense? two MO installs for 1 game?

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Two different installs for the same game? No. The registry is used to store installation variables and these will reflect the last installation.


Two different MO installs for the game(s) in question? Sure, why not. Quite a few of the users here in STEP use this method and swear by it.

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That's what I mean. I use a different install of MO for each game (fo3, nv, skyrim.. though I dont use MO2 yet). My thought, and Grant Confirmed by others saying it, is that you could do 2 installs for the same game of MO. I'm going to go that route = ) ... I'm sure it can be done.  thank you thick

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