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Do I have to have vanilla Skyrim to get started?



First of all I apologize if this has been covered already. I did a search and couldn't find anything that related to it. If this has already covered, please feel free to point me to the thread instead of answering.


I have the Steam version of Skyrim. Have been playing for some weeks. I have a several mods installed already. Some from Steam Workshop, but most from Nexus. I want to use Mod Organizer to help my Skyrim run better ... gettiing some CTDs and dont want them to get worse.


My question is: do I need to start with vanilla Skyrim before I install MO? That is, do I need to uninstall all of my mods. Install MO. Then reinstall the mods through MO? Or, if I follow the install and user instructions carefully, will MO use what I have already, organize it, and make my Skyrim better, without removing any mods?

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