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Discrepency from Install Guide

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Thank you for this install guide. Your willingness to walk me through each specific step to assure my modded game can run properly, as well as making sure I can run a Vanilla game at any time, makes modding the game a lot less anxiety-inducing. I am sure many others beside myself have benefited from your patience in typing out such clear instructions.


In trying to follow each step in the guide exactly, I have run into something unexpected, and maybe one instruction that is not as explicit as everything that has come before (it seems obvious, but I want to be sure).


1) After cleaning the DLC esm's, Mod Organizer has placed the cleaned files in <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite, which you indicate it should but does not do. 


I want to check before proceeding.


Would my proper next step be to leave the cleaned files in the <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite folder?


2) The files in <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite/TES5Edit Backups have ".backup.<date/time>" appended to them. It seems obvious that one should remove the extra and return them to Skyrim/Data with the original name and then keep going with the guide . . . but I want to be sure that Mod Organizer's renaming the files isn't something unexpected and a result of something I did wrong in a previous step.


Thanks again for the guide.

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I can't edit my post, so making a new one.


I looked at some other posts here and came to understand what is happening, and what to do.


1st: the guide tells me to rename the backups, it seems I was just too caught in anxiety to read it clearly. Sorry for suggesting the guide was not complete or explicit.


The main issue re files in the <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite folder:

This post and this post, as well as the part of the main S.T.E.P. guide it links to, clarify the situation and show how to proceed. (naturally, I renamed overwrite to "Cleaned Vanilla ESMs" instead of "Cleaned Update ESM")

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