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Multiple questions

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Hello there,


I am new here and hope this is the right section.


4 days ago I started with your guide, because I wanted to setup the most realistic experience possible. (And thus creating a mod myself including all the characters from my P&P group)


I am struggling with adding some mods.

  1. First thing would be having my both Rapiers on my hips, and not on the back. But sadly I cannot get this to work. What do I do wrong?
  2. I don't know why you need to use Wrye Bash (I do rebuild patches after any change though)
  3. I wanted some kind of "realistic" armory-transport.

I tried the following:


Equipping Overhaul:



All Geared Up:



But both doesn't work. Even worse: They screwed my animations totally. All animations remain vanilla seemingly, even after uninstall, and re-applying FNIS.


My current setup:



Thank you for any help!

I guess I will start from scrwatch again tommorow.


Best regards!

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