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Conflict Resolution for ELE





Editing my initial question because now I'm seeing an issue with metadata and load order causing this issue.   Below is My relevant Loot-driven load order, with Metadat info in parentheses...


218.  ELE (set to global priority 990100)

219.  CCO (set to load after ELE)

220.  Alternate Start (set to global priority 990000)

221.  Immersive Citizens (set to load after Alternate Start)


Based on above the load order should look like this right??


218.  Alternate Start (set to global priority 990000)

219.  Immersive Citizens (set to load after Alternate Start)

220.  ELE (set to global priority 990100)

221.  CCO (set to load after ELE)


Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


EDIT:  Figured it out.  I gave CCO priority when I should have given CCO TrueWeaponsLvlList.esp priority... 



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