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Import/Export of Installers List? - [SOLVED]



Is this possible in Wyre Bash?


AKA I have Skyrim all set up on my current computer - is there a way to export the order of my current mods (In the installers tab) and import that order into another installation?


Just reformatted my computer and copied the mods over to the new Wyre bash folder, but of course my install order was lost. If/when I need to reformat my computer in the future, I don't want to have to set up the whole installers order again.

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Basically the answer is yes. Skyrim Installation Swapper, for example, copies the various directories that have key information for each "profile" so it can save and restore a particular setup. You can look at what it saves and make sure you save that information (or perhaps use it to save this information). The key data you might have lost for Wrye Bash is in the Bash Mod Data folder, primarily table.dat. You will also need the load order and some related data (the folder that BOSS and other programs use), which is typically in YourUserName/AppData/Local/Skyrim on the system drive (with YourUserName being your Windows login name). I'm assuming you also save the Skyrim folder that is in Steam/steamapps/common and the saves, ini files, etc. in YourUserName/My Documents/My Games/Skyrim.


If you happen to have a recent backup that has the Skyrim Mods folder (which includes the Bash Mod Data folder as well as the Bash Installers folder where the actual mods are stored) you may be able to recover the mod order in Wrye Bash.


Of course, starting from scratch is also an opportunity to use the procedures discussed in the STEP Wiki to make sure you have a clean installation. If you are using a texture compression mod like DDSopt, it is an opportunity to use the most recent guidance and processing parameters discussed in the STEP forums; there have been some notable changes recently in this guidance.

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