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Welcome to the new Step Modifications (aka, STEP) Wiki, a community-maintained wiki hosting game-modification guides, modding-tool guides and a wealth of additional modding resources as well as community-generated content. Please take a moment to read our Community Citizenship Guide.

The New STEP

Well, that's a bit of a misnomer. We are really not 'new' per se but our services, site look/feel, and branding have all changed a bit for the better. We hope you will agree. In addition to now being a nonprofit corporation, "Step Modifications" offers support on this website for all games listed at right. While we do not yet have mod-build guides for most of these games, the site infrastructure now supports all of these games, and we can easily build support for additional games of interest to the community (see Nexus Mods for ideas).

Supporting Official & Unofficial Guides[edit]

In addition to our official modding guides, Step Modifications now supports custom guide creation using our enhanced platform. One of our main objectives is providing relevant mod-build guides for support-worthy games as determined by the modding community (see what games we support now). In order to do this, we need those having expertise with said games and modding them. Guide creation and maintenance is a big yet rewarding job ... this is why we are still doing it. Our expertise is primarily with the Elder Scrolls games, but all of the same principles apply to all Bethesda RPGs. Regardless, each guide must be authored by an avid player and modder of the game, so we need and expect volunteers to take the lead on some of them. Likewise, we also need assistance in supporting each of these games and their guides on the forums. It's not such a big job when 2-3 people spend a few hours per week on creating, maintaining, and supporting one or more guides in their wheelhouse. Those interested in either joining our team or remaining in the shadows strictly as guide developers are welcome. Please PM one of our staff on the forums.

What Is 'STEP' Anyway?[edit]

First, take a look at our "About" page in the wiki footer. Essentially, we provide detailed instructions about creating modded builds of your favorite moddable games. Over the past 20+ years, people have been creating and using custom game modifications. This is a great way to extend a game and increase its replay value. The problem is that the outcomes of installing a bunch of mods to change a game is a bit of a crap shoot, because it's tough to understand all of what a particular mod does within the context of the game. It's also very tough to understand how each mod plays with each other mod within the context of the game. Guides for modding games have been around since day one, but they always fall out of relevance, and they usually pertain to just a single outcome. Many of the best "modding guide" websites or pages on the internet have turned into 404s. From the beginning, STEP has served to erase this problem. We consolidate relevant information about modding your favorite games, and if you aren't into our tried-and-true tested builds, we provide a framework with the needed resources to construct your own build guides. Other websites offer resources for creating and maintaining "mod lists". We provide these too, but more importantly, we provide an extensible context to successfully create a mod list and a procedural guide around it. Furthermore, this site won't disappear or stagnate due to hosting or lack of website maintenance (well, not unless WE can no longer afford the time or expense of providing this free service, hence the donation button).


Step Modifications is a non-profit sustained by community donations of both time and dollars. Our resources are provided completely free of charge and without any advertisements. If you enjoy the platform and find the content useful, please consider donating or volunteering to assist with site and content maintenance. Again, no donations are required to use this platform, and all monetary donations are applied towards site operating expenses.

Official Game Guides[edit]

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Official Guides Pending (curators needed) [edit]

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STEP Mantra — Help us foster an environment that leverages your enthusiasm within a culture of good humor ... and rigorous analysis!