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To the modding community,

I'm announcing that I will be taking a step back from my involvement with the community, which I've been heavily involved with over the past eight years. My involvement started with STEP where I slowly learned the "trade" over time and expanded myself from editor/writer to up to an Admin and one of the project leaders. My thirst for knowledge eventually lead me to mod authoring, where I began helping various other authors manage and take their mods to the next level. Though I have several modding projects of my own, few have been released due to lack of time and other obligations.

To be clear, I love the creative process of modding so I'm sticking around. However, I've been doing eight solid years of user support between STEP and Nexus Mods. Over the years there have been plenty of ups and downs; however, I feel there have been more downs than ups over the past year or two. I don't see that turning around for myself. I suppose I've lost some of the passion I once had for Guide creation and user support; at least on the level I've given over the years.

STEP's traffic has reduced over the last two years to the point of support being a small task; mainly due to the need of an overhaul to our framework. Speaking of, STEP development has been on hold until MediaWiki releases a fix for the version of PHP used for the updated forums. What is still a rather large task, and one that I've been doing alone for some time, is the Guide creation and maintenance. It's become a chore for me rather than the fun process it was when we had a full team. Therefore, I've decided to take a step back from the Guide until others wish to take up the challenge of guide management, or the new development is complete.

As for Nexus do I put this...I've felt like nothing but a parrot for the last year. The majority of Nexus users fail to read, fail to search, fail to try to help themselves, fail to try to learn... There are some good users, but unfortunately for them, they are heavily drowned out by the mass of others. I lack any drive, desire, or willpower to continue with user support on Nexus Mods. Therefore, I will be mainly absent to Nexus users besides responding to legitimate bug reports. Bug Reports I test and find to be user error or simply know are user error (8yrs experience and get to you know a thing or two), will be deleted without response.

Going forward I will continue maintaining the mods I currently manage, but with less frequent updates. This is to free up time so I can work more on my own creations. For STEP, I'll maintain my position as the main community Admin. I'll also help with development when I'm able and be a tutor for any of our community who are willing to take up a team position.


  • I'm stepping back to focus more on mods I manage and my own creations, which still bring me joy to develop.
  • I'll be providing little to no user support (for my own sanity).
  • I'm take a huge step back from the STEP Guide management; very few updates will be released until more staff are in place or the new development is complete.

~ Tech


My Guides[edit]


These are areas that I do my development work in for releasing new content. This content is not ready for public use.

Collapsible Menus


FOMOD Guide - unfinished

Other Stuffs[edit]


My System Specs

CSS I wrote which is used on a few of the user's Guides