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SSE Display Tweaks

by slavicpotato1




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As stated in the mod's Description, this mod will stabilize the display of rendered content for smooth gameplay without limiting frame rates, and this should be the case for almost all modern PCs running SSE.

  1. Download and install the Main File.
  2. Download the High performance configuration Optional File, and merge it into the Main File.
  3. (if supported) Enable NVIDIA Low Latency or AMD anti-lag via the display software
  4. (if supported) Enable NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD Freesync via the display software
  5. Double-click on the mod in the MO left pane and ensure the following in SSEDisplayTweaks.ini
    • PC has NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD Freesync video card AND monitor support, set each frame limit (FPS cap) to:
      [monitor refresh rate] - 3 (e.g., 144 Hz monitor should have 141 limit)
    • PC does NOT have NVIDIA G-SYNC or AMD Freesync video card OR monitor support, set each frame limit (FPS cap) to:
      [monitor refresh rate] - 1 (e.g., 60 Hz monitor should have 59 limit)

[Render] FramerateLimit=?? UIFramerateLimit=?? [OSD] Enable=true InitiallyOn=false

NOTE: No further configuration is recommended. Below is TL;DR for those interested in helping out with testing.

Advanced Configuration - Troubleshooting & Tinkering ONLY

For more general information, see the SSE Display Settings guide.

Please post to this mod's forum thread (link at top right) with any interesting testing feedback.

To simplify testing, create a custom INI that will be preserved if the mod is updated. After doing so, all settings being tested can be configured here and simply commented to revert to defaults. This will also allow modification without losing any changes introduced by the developer. Activate/deactivate this mod as necessary:

  1. Click on the MO List Options button and select, [Create empty mod].
  2. Name it (Custom INI) SSE Display Tweaks.
    • This places the new, empty mod at the bottom of the mod list.
  3. Enable and prioritize (Custom INI) SSE Display Tweaks in the MO left pane just after this mod.
  4. Open the (Custom INI) SSE Display Tweaks in Windows Explorer (Ctrl + double-click).
  5. Create a new folder named SKSE and open it.
  6. Create a new folder named Plugins and open it.
  7. Create a new file, SSEDisplayTweaks_Custom.ini, add the following, then save the file.
Configure NO Frame Limits

To completely uncap, set all limiters to zero in SSEDisplayTweaks_Custom.ini:

[Render] EnableVSync=false FramerateLimit=0 FramerateLimitMode=0 UIFramerateLimit=0