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Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide
Development Notes

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Bugs to Fix[edit]

This is a list of bugs I've tracked from the forum or as a result of my own game-playing. I will eventually look into these stuff.

  • Correct orange glow on lighting at night
    I have completed this for the Lanterns of Skyrim mod. The option is available in the guide patches section.
  • Bright blue color or shaders on snow mountains. Possibly related to Vivid Weathers.
    Reported Fix: Add fSnowRimLightIntensity=0.1 in Skyrim.ini' and change bEnableImprovedSnow to 0 in Skyrimprefs.ini. Thanks to Brandoman!

Feature Requests[edit]

These are feature requests for the guide. They may or may not make be incorporated.

  • Label for classic Skyrim mods

Mod Suggestions[edit]

These are mod suggestions either from the forum topic or from me seeing an interesting mod on Nexus. These may or may not be incorporated into the guide.