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Creation Kit Introduction[edit]

Welcome. This will be a introductory guide into the Creation Kit in regards to Skyrim (non-SSE version).

Working through the Quirks[edit]


If you create a quest that is "start game enabled", then you need to create a SEQ file or it will fail in-game. Quests created which start with an event and are not start game enabled do not need to worry about creating SEQ files. To create these files, use xEdit.

Create a SEQ File[edit]

  1. Open xEdit.
  2. Double-click on the plugin which the SEQ file needs to be created for.
  3. After the Background Loader: finished message appears, right-click on the plugin which the SEQ files will be created for. This is should be the last plugin in the list.
  4. Hover over [Other] and select [create seq file].


There is a bug in the game to where a NPC will treat a ForceGreet more like a "Say" Procedure and, thus, follow the player around instead of ending the dialogue as they should. This can lead to issues such as the NPC following the player around and constantly greeting them. Another issue this causes is "double/triple" greets which conditions are used to only all the ForceGreet to run for a specific stage of a quest. This is due to a lag between the time the scripts update the stage to when the ForceGreet runs again.

Preventing this is simple. All ForceGreet dialogue should be placed within its own branch and subsequent dialogue in their own branches, as well. The ForceGreet should be either a blocking or normal branch. All linked subsequent branches should be normal branches so the dialogue options will only be accessed via the ForceGreet branch. Setting the branch types in this matter may not be desirable in all cases, however, the majority of the time ForeGreets are only ran once so this method will most often be used.