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Welcome to SRLE: Legacy of The Dragonborn Reqtified
A STEP Hosted Pack created and maintained for the Skyrim Community
Last Update: 10:16:22 22 March 2023 (GMT)

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Finish Line

On this page we do our finishing patching and scripts. Also we will organise our mods.

Sort Your Load Order[edit]

First: Delete the Bashed Patch files created in the Overwrite mod.

Do NOT use LOOT to sort your load order unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing and even so I would recommend on disabling all Requiem patches before you do so.

For the purposes of this guide we will not be using LOOT. Sorting the load order with LOOT is not possible since it will not sort in the same way for every user and thus compatibility issues may arrise using the patches in the guide.

However we have a simple solution, don't worry you dont have to manually sort all the esps. Download manually this archive: Load Order from MISCELLANEOUS section in the Patch Central then follow these steps:

# Close Mod Organizer
# Extract the archive
# Go to [Mod Organizer Path]\profiles\SRLE LOTD Reqtified (this should be your Profile created in Mod Organizer in the beginning of this guide)
# Backup your loadorder.txt from there first so you can always revert to your initial Load Order
# Copy the loadorder.txt from the archive and Overwrite into the SRLE LOTD Reqtified folder
# Open Mod Organizer.

Now you should notice that all esps are ordered with Dual Sheath Redux.esp being last. If you have installed any other mods that were not in the guide all those esps will be after Dual Sheath Redux.esp deactivated. This is a good way to also check if you have different esps or if you made mistakes in the installation process.

TIP: After you copied the loadorder.txt in the profiles folder back it up by pressing the save icon in the top right corner of the right pane.

When you update merges or add mods to your load order you can restore the order by pressing the yellow curved arrow near the save icon and choose the backup from the window that appears. This is a easy way to restore the order of your plugins without having them manually moved again.

Running xEdit Scripts[edit]

Khajiit Show Ears

  1. Load up xEdit and load the whole load order.
  2. Right click --> Apply Script --> Khajiit Ears Show.
  3. In the pop box type in Khajiit Ears Show then click ok and let it run.
  4. When the Script is done Exit and Save.
  5. The resulting esp can be found in the overwrite folder in Mod Organizer
  6. Create a mod out of this esp something like Khajiit Ears Show Output

The Khajiit Ears Show.esp should be placed before Dual Sheath Redux.esp in your right pane load order so move it manually.

Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS[edit]

Fores New Idles in Skyrim, hereby referenced as FNIS is designed to allow new skeleton and animation designs not possible with the default Skyrim engine such as new animations, gender specific animations, poses, etc. This involves the use of an external patcher GenerateFNIS_for_Users.exe which will create specialized .hkx files to match the current skeleton and animation configuration. Perform the following (and again every time animation mods are changed):

Start Mod Organizer.
Select FNIS in the executable selection box and click [Run]. The FNIS main interface should appear, if it does not, review the installation section for FNIS.
In the Available Patches at the bottom of the window, check the box adjacent to "SKELETON Arm Fix", "Gender Specific Animations" and "tktk1's TK Dodge"
Click the [Update FNIS Behavior] button and wait for a message to appear in the window stating "X animations for Y mods successfully included.".
Click [Exit]
For a refresher on installing FNIS in MO see the wiki for that tool.

Mod Organizer has automatically placed the generated files into the <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite folder for inclusion in the game. No further action is required. For reference, the files generated are:

  • meshes folder containing new hkx behavior files.
  • scripts folder containing 2 compiled scripts for version tracking.
  • tools folder containing logs.

Dual Sheath Redux[edit]

Add the program to Mod Organizer. First make sure you have installed the latest Java -> here

To add it go to the Data tab in the right pane of the Mod Organizer and scroll down the file tree until you see SkyProc Patchers. Expand SkyProc Patchers, then also expand Dual Sheath Redux Patch. Right-click on "Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar" and click Add as Executable. The default name should be fine. Click [OK]. Now you will see that DSR has been added to the program list with all the right parameters.

Run this patcher from the Mod Organizer top right dropdown menu. Dual Sheath Redux is a mod designed to allow left handed weapons to be displayed when sheathed and shields/staves to be stored on back.

In Settings > Other Settings, select the following:
 Left Biped Slot: 55
 Right Biped Slot: 47

For reference, the files generated by this mod are:

  • Dual Sheath Redux Patch.esp
  • Entire SkyProc Patchers/Dual Sheath Redux folder containing logs/configuration files.

Both FNIS and Dual Sheath Redux output files now can be found in overwrite folder in Mod Organizer. Now create from overwrite a mod called SRLE LOTD Reqtified Profile, place it last in left pane and activate it.





First you must go to [Skyrim Path]\Data folder and create, if there isn't one, a folder named SkyProc Patchers and inside this folder create another folder named Requiem. This must be done for the Reqtificator to work properly!

In Mod Organizer, select the Data tab in the right-pane and expand "SkyProc Patchers">"Requiem".
Right-click on Reqtificator.jar and select "Add as executable" then click [OK]. The default name is sufficient.
Note that it is now part of the executable drop down next to the [Run] button. Mod Organizer has properly configured it already.
Now Click the [Executables] button at the top of the main Mod Organizer window. The icon looks like a pair of cogs.
Search for Reqtificator executable and in the "Start in:" field click [...] and add [Skyrim Path]\Data\SkyProc Patchers\Requiem path you created in at the first step the click "Modify".
Run Reqtificator, Click Other Settings and select all three options, then click "Create Patch" and let it work.
When the message appears about A warning about your general load order click "Ignore from now on".
When the message about No actorvariatons.txt found! appears click "Yes, this is a new game"
When patches finishes click OK.

For reference, the files generated by this mod are:

  • Requiem for the Indifferent.esp
  • Entire SkyProc Patchers/Requiem folder containing logs/configuration files.

The output files now can be found in overwrite folder in Mod Organizer. Now create from overwrite a mod called Requiem Output, place it last in left pane and activate it.

Restore NPC Visuals[edit]

Restore NPC Visuals

  1. Load up xEdit and load only the NPC Retextures Merged.esp and Requiem for the Indifferent.esp.
  2. Expand Requiem for the Indifferent.esp
  3. Right click on Non-Player Character (Actor) --> Apply Script --> Restore_NPC_Visuals
  4. When the Script is done Exit and Save


  • Close Mod Organizer and Run ReLinker
  • First time you have to set Mod Organizer's root path into ReLinker
  • Second you have to set Mod Organizer's mods folder path.
  • Once ReLinker completes place ReLinker Output folder that appears last in MO right before DynDOLOD - TexGen Output folder then Activate it.

DynDOLOD - Dynamic Distant LOD Generation[edit]

Running DynDOLOD generation is a two step process. The first executable, TexGen.exe, will generate object LOD textures from the currently installed object textures. This will only need to be executed again if object textures are changed. Perform the following to execute TexGen.exe:

Add TexGen.exe located in the standalone DynDOLOD install directory as an executable in Mod Organizer.
Run TexGen using Mod Organizer.
An appropriate output folder should already be pre-filled by the tool, make a note of the location then click [Start].
Once the execution has completed, select [Exit] to close the window.
Navigate to the TexGen output directory and copy the contents as a new folder named DynDOLOD - TexGen Output in the <Mod Organizer>/mods folder and activate it. It should be placed at the bottom of the left pane.

The second executable, DynDOLOD.exe, will generate data files and the DynDOLOD esp to dynamically handle all the world objects found in the current load order. Perform the following to execute DynDOLOD.exe:

Add DynDOLOD.exe located in the standalone DynDOLOD install directory as an executable in Mod Organizer.
Run DynDOLOD using Mod Organizer.
An appropriate output folder should already be pre-filled by the tool, make a note of the location then click [Advanced >>>].
In the top left selection box, check all of the boxes by right-clicking and then clicking "Select All".
Click the [High] preset button if you have a high end PC, but I would recommend selecting [Medium] preset for this guide.
Below the preset buttons, check the boxes marked "Candles" and "FXGlow".
In the options panel, tick the "Windows", "High", and "Fake lights child worlds" check boxes.
Click [OK], this will begin the LOD generation process (can take up to 30 minutes).
Once the execution has completed, select [Save & Exit] to close the window then click [OK] on the following window to close the program.
Navigate to the DynDOLOD output directory and copy the contents as a new folder named DynDOLOD - Worlds Output in the <Mod Organizer>/mods folder and activate it. It should be placed at the bottom of the left pane below the TexGen Output folder.

Play the Game[edit]

MCM Recommendations[edit]

This section specifies settings to be applied in the MCM Menu system. If a setting is not listed, it is expected to be at the mod install default (as seen with a new game). For a better overview we included all recommendations, even from SRLE Base.
Note: After exiting the game, there will file in Mod Organizers Overwrite. Move these files to the SRLE Reqtified Profile mod.

Skyrim Unbound[edit]

  • Apply User Preferences
  • Create the Character
  • Allow Requiem to Complete its Setup
  • Step forward and you should now be able to Save your game.

A Matter of Time[edit]

  • General Panel
    • Symbol 1 Section
      • Show Moon Phases: Enabled
      • Show Seasons: Enabled
  • Display Panel
    • Symbol 1 Section
      • Scale: 60%
      • Horizontal Anchor: RIGHT
      • Horizontal Offset: -50
      • Vertical Offset: 0
    • In-Game Clock Section
      • Scale: 70%
      • Horizontal Anchor: RIGHT
      • Horizontal Offset: -45
      • Vertical Offset: 38
    • In-Game Date Section
      • Scale: 70%
      • Horizontal Anchor: RIGHT
      • Horizontal Offset: -45
      • Vertical Offset: 47

Auto Unequip Ammo[edit]

  • Configuration Panel
    • Features Section
      • Use Equip Sets Enabled
      • Follower Addon Enabled

BFS Effects[edit]

  • Options Panel
    • Player Percentages Section
      • Normal: 20%
    • NPC Percentages Section
      • Normal: 20%

Blocksteal Redux[edit]

  • Activate Enable
  • Load Basket Enable (Respond yes when prompted)

Complete Crafting[edit]

  • Crafting Options Panel
    • Additional Items Section
      • Artifact Replicas Enabled
      • Matching Set Circlets Enabled
  • Learning & XP Panel
    • Smithing Experience Section
      • Tanning Rack 0.5
      • Smelter 0.5
    • Learn to Craft Section
      • Learning Points required to Craft 200
  • Mining & Materials Panel
    • Mining Section
      • Mining Presets FASTER MINING
  • Enable Mods Panel
    • Display Crafting Recipes Section
      • JewelCraft Enabled
      • Cloaks of Skyrim Enabled
      • Jaysus Swords Enabled
      • Winter Is Coming Enabled
Distribution will be enabled automatically for Cloaks of Skyrim, Jaysus Swords, and Winter Is Coming. This is expected.
    • Distribute in Lists
      • JewelCraft Enabled


  • Features Panel
    • Stealth Invisiblity Disabled
  • Settings Panel
    • Max Followers 3
    • Spacing Section
      • Space between followers 120
  • Panel Panel
    • Dimensions Section
      • Y Coordinate: 70

Enhanced Skyrim Factions: The Companions Guild[edit]

  • Presets
    • Presets
      • Preset Reasonable - 24 Quests then click APPLY THIS PRESET
  • Miscellaneous
    • Training
      • Offered Only Daytime In Yard ENABLED
      • Njada Offers Training AFTER TRIAL
    • Sparring
      • Circle Will Spar AFTER TRIAL
      • Allow Magic in Sparring ENABLED


  • ETaC_Patches
    • Interesting NPCs
      • ETaC_PATCH_3DNPCS Enabled
    • Static Mesh Improvement Mod
      • ETaC_PATCH_SMIM Enabled

Extended UI[edit]

  • Console Section
    • Fullscreen Enabled
  • Stats Menu Section
    • Aspect Ratio Set your game video resolution aspect ratio
    • Hide Legendary UI elements Enabled
    • Show attribute modifiers Enabled
    • Show skill modifiers Enabled

Face To Face[edit]

  • Options Section
    • Tracking TRACKING


  • Overview Panel
    • Frostfall Status Section
      • Frostfall is: Enabled (Exit menu and wait for quest to complete before opening the menu again.)
  • Gameplay Panel
    • Fast Travel & Waiting Section
      • Disable Fast Travel Enabled
      • Disable Waiting While Outdoors Enabled
  • Interface & Notifications
    • User Interface Section
      • Screen Aspect Ratio Set your game video resolution aspect ratio

Immersive Horses[edit]

  • Horse Activation Actions Section
    • Standing Activation Ride
    • Mounted Activation Dismount
  • Last Ridden Horse Hotkeys Section
    • Follow/Wait Key C (Change "Auto Run" key to something else in game options)
  • Mounted Horse Hotkeys Section
    • Talk/Search Key O

Immersive HUD[edit]

  • Activation Panel
    • Compass Activation Section
      • Key press toggles Enabled
  • Options Panel
    • Enable Fast Fade of Magicka: Enabled
    • Enable Fast Fade of Stamina: Enabled

Minty Lightning[edit]

  • Lightning Config
    • Fork Lightning Options
      • Hostile Enabled
      • Frequency Delay 50
    • Sheet Lightning Options
      • Hostile Enabled
      • Frequency Delay 50
  • Miscellaneous Panel
    • Miscellaneous Section
      • Legacy Config Menu Enabled (Actually Disabled)

Sky UI[edit]

  • General Panel
    • Item List Section
      • Font Size Small
      • Category Icon Theme CELTIC
  • Advanced Panel
    • SWF Version Checking Section
      • Map Menu Disabled

Trade & Barter[edit]

  • Barter Rates Panel
    • Start Mod Click (Exit menu then wait 10 seconds to allow time for the mod to start before opening the menu again.)


  • Melee & Ranged Panel
    • Melee Section
      • Camera View 3RD PERSON LAST
      • Last Enemy Restriction Disabled
      • Player Killmove Immunity Enabled
    • Ranged Section
      • Camera View PROJECTILES
      • Last Enemy Restriction Disabled
  • Stealth & Triggers Panel
    • Triggers Section
      • Left Attacks Enabled
      • Alt Werewolf Attacks Enabled

Wearable Lanterns[edit]

  • General Panel
    • General Settings Section
      • Lantern Position WORN - FRONT RIGHT
      • Lantern Slot 57
      • Turn Off When Sneaking Enabled
    • Fuel Settings Section
      • Oil Lanterns Use Oil Enabled
      • Bug Lanterns Use Flowers Enabled
    • Hotkeys Section
      • Toggle Lantern G
  • Meters Panel
    • General Meter Settings Section
      • Layout Preset Bottom Right

Wet and Cold[edit]

  • Wet Panel
    • NPCs Section
      • Go Home Disabled
  • Ashes/Survival Panel
    • Player Section
      • Watery Eyes Enabled


  • Styles Panel
    • Style Randomizer (All) Enabled
    • Sword Style / Sword Style (Left) Sections
      • Player SWORD ON BACK
    • Dagger Style / Dagger Style (Left) Sections
      • Player DAGGER ON BACK HIP
    • Bow Style Section
      • Player FROSTFALL BOW
    • Quiver Style Section
      • Player FROSTFALL QUIVER (XP32)
    • Bolt Style Section