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This page is used to globally keep track of the BABY - Fallout 4 Modding Guide version and present its changelog.

Current version[edit]

Current version : {{User:Kesta/BABYVersion}}

Current version :

Version system[edit]

BABY use a 4-digits version system.

  • 4th digit is updated each time one or several mods are updated.
  • 3rd digit will be increased each time one or several mods are added/removed.
  • 2nd digit will be increased when categories layout or major changes in design are made.
  • 1st digit will be increased for major changes.

Note that until modding is officially supported by Bethesda (most-likely when FO4's GECK will be out), and MO2 fully functional, BABY will stay in v0.X.X.X



  • Updated FO4Edit build version (kinda important since this build include several new decoded records)
  • Added HCSD to configure damages in survival mode
  • Added Unlimited Survival Action to re-enable proper savegame in survival mode.
  • Deprecated (but not removed) Survival Quick Save (kind of an unecessary burden with USA installed, but the hotkeyed quicksave can still be of use)
  • Changed the ENB part of Cinematic Excellence to optional, as some features are currently a bit glitchy on my own system
  • Re-added Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks to environment. This play nice with the ReShade-only installation of Cinematic Excellence

06/05/2016 BABY is finally in a shareable state, though largely incomplete.

  • Modified and renamed several sections
  • Moved some mods from a section to an other for better installation flow or more consistent categories
  • Added re-packaging instructions for Optimized Textures
  • Added Creation Kit & Co to the list of advanced tools


  • Added LOOT as utility to sort plugins.
  • Added patches:
    • BABY Patch - Cover the main guide.
    • BABY Visuals - Cover only the visual section.


  • General : Added titles to sub-sections and mod-sections.
  • Updated AKWKCR instructions to v2.1.1b
  • Updated DUF_UI to v1.2
  • Updated VIS to v7.1.0 and added patch for chem redux.
  • Added LooksMenu
  • Added UFO4P
  • Added Achievements
  • Added Survival Quicksave
  • Added Survival Mode Console
  • Updated WET to v1.65
  • Dropped Jester's Better Destroyed Vehicles (not worth the installation)
  • Updated FTO Power Armors to v1.3
  • Added Eyewear and mask Retexture
  • Updated EBT to v1.0
  • Updated Valius pack to v1.2.3
  • Updated Chem Redux to v2.5
  • Updated FalconOoil's pack to v3.3
  • Added OJO Bueno Milk Vending Machine
  • Updated FOAM better Locks to v2.1.1a
  • Updated Immersive Mouth and Teeth to v3.1.0
  • Reviewed deLuxe makeup, updated instruction to only keep previous version (v0.1).
  • (maybe temporarily) Removed Fr4nson's light tweaks (ReShade/ENB good enough by themselves for now).
  • (maybe temporarily) Removed Brighter Settlement Lights (need compatibility review and comparisons against potentially better/more up-to-date mods)
  • Hidden Settlements, Crafting, and New Items sections.
  • Hidden Patches / Load Order management section (out of date).

25/04/2016 :

  • Added Hold Out to environment retextures
  • Updated versions and instructions for Darker Nights (v1.10.6), True Storms (v1.3) and FogOut (v6).

17/04/2016 :

  • Improved initial setups instructions
  • Improved ReShade & ENB setup instructions
  • Updated Cinematic Excellence installation instructions (v5.6 -> v6.4.1)
  • Added merging instructions for Valdacil's Item Sorting
  • Added HideUI to the User Interface section (v1.0)
  • Updated Realistic Death Physic (v1.0 -> v1.2)
  • Dropped Mo Betta Scrap and Simple Bug Fixes (not compatibles with current game version anymore)
  • Updated Optimized Vanilla Textures (v1.08 -> v1.10)
  • Updated the whole Texture - Environment section (WET, Radiant Clouds, Vivid Landscape, Langley's Workshop, FO4 Moon)
  • Changed install order between Jester's Better destoyed Vehicles and Langley's Workshop so Langley's texture have priority (only one texture for now)
  • Updated Enhanced Blood textures (v0.09 -> v0.5), moving from default color to the darker option (better looking with ENB/ReShade).

17/04/2016 :

  • Updated FO4Edit instruction
  • Modified B.A.E. instructions to point to the B.A.E. guide
  • Dropped Realistic World Map for Satellite World Map

16/04/2016 : Started the update to move slowly to v0.2 :

  • Added Official DLCs as requirement
  • Updated F4SE and ShadowBoost versions
  • Improved configuration instructions
  • Removed better Console (features already achievable via INI tweaks)
  • Moved DEF_INV to DEF_UI (re-host of the mod, updated)
  • Removed Pleasant UI (features included in DEF_UI)
  • Changed sorting mods from Better Item Sorting to Valdacil's Item Sorting (better integration with DEF_UI icon feature)

11/12/2015 : Updated Improved Inventory, HD Retexture 4X 2X, FOAM - Better Locks, Realistic Death Physics, ASE

10/12/2015 : Updated Improved Inventory, True storms, Vivid Landscapes, OCDecorator, Wearable Travel Backpack - CWB patch,
Improved guide maintenance capabilities.

09/12/2015 : Updated instructions OCDecorator, Immersive Mouth, HD Retexture, Wearable Travel Backpack - CWB patch and Power Armor Materials and Paints for their latest versions.

09/12/2015 : Added Better Item Sorting to take advantage of Improved Inventory's new feature.

09/12/2015 : Updated Time on loading screen and Improved Inventory. Modified recommended version of Realistic World Map to 3K.

08/12/2015 : Removed Alternate Rugs and the related patch as it have been removed from nexus.

08/12/2015 : Added a compatibility patch for Alternate Rugs to work with Homemaker and OCDecorator, updated F4SE instructions and FO4Edit version.