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Modder working on this location[edit]

Emittance value to use[edit]

  • Most cities has their own weather region, Emittance value = WeatherTundra.
  • Apply this to both Light Bulbs and FX effects, or use one of the FXWeathers if those suits the atmosphere better.

Solitude Exterior[edit]

Solitude Interiors[edit]

Addvar's House[edit]

Angeline's Aromatics[edit]

Bards College[edit]

Bits and Pieces[edit]

Blue Palace [edit]

Bryling's House[edit]

Castle Dour[edit]

Erikur's House[edit]

Evette San's House[edit]


Jala's House[edit]

Moon and Nausea[edit]

Potema's Catacombs[edit]

Proudspire Manor[edit]

Radiant Raiment[edit]

Solitude Blacksmith[edit]

Temple of the Divines[edit]

Thalmor Headquarters[edit]

The Winking Skeever[edit]

Vittoria Vici's House[edit]