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Modder working on this location[edit]

Emittance value to use[edit]

  • Emittance value = WeatherTundraMarsh.
  • Apply this to both Light Bulbs and FX effects, or use one of the FXWeathers if those suits the atmosphere better.


Bleakcoast Cave[edit]

Blind Cliff Cave[edit]

Bloated Man's Grotto[edit]

Bonechill Passage[edit]

Boulderfall Cave[edit]

Brinewater Grotto[edit]

Brittleshin Pass[edit]

Broken Fang Cave[edit]

Broken Helm Hollow[edit]

Broken Oar Grotto[edit]

Bronze Water Cave[edit]

Brood Cavern[edit]

Bruca's Leap Redoubt[edit]

Chillwind Depths[edit]

Cragslane Cavern[edit]

Cragwallow Slope[edit]

Cronvangr Cave[edit]

Crystaldrift Cave[edit]


Darkwater Pass[edit]

Duskglow Crevice[edit]

Eldergleam Sanctuary[edit]

Fallowstone Cave[edit]

Forsaken Cave[edit]

Glenmoril Coven[edit]


Guldun Rock Cave[edit]

Graywinter Watch[edit]

Greenwall Cave[edit]

Greywater Grotto[edit]

Haemar's Shame[edit]

Halldir's Cairn[edit]

Hob's Fall Cave[edit]

Honeystrand Cave[edit]

Liar's Retreat[edit]

Lost Echo Cave[edit]

Lost Knife Cave[edit]

Lost Knife Hideout[edit]

Moss Mother Cavern[edit]

Movarth's Lair[edit]


Pinemoon Cave[edit]

Pinepeak Cavern[edit]

Purewater Run[edit]

Ravenscar Hollow[edit]

Reachcliff Cave[edit]

Reachwater Rock[edit]

Rebel's Cairn[edit]

Red Eagle Redoubt[edit]

Redoran's Retreat[edit]

Rimerock Burrow[edit]

Septimus Signus' Outpost[edit]

Shadowgreen Cavern[edit]

Shimmermist Cave[edit]

Shimmermistcave01 Complete

Shimmermistcave02 Complete


Added 1rs_FalmerCaveGlowNS. OmmniNS type bulb. Purpose is to just simulate the glow from the blueish crystals in falmer caves.

Added 1rs_BlueCaveTemplate. Lighting template, conversion from the teal falmer template into a more dark blue one that matches the primary light source, the crystals, better.

Added 1rs_IS_FalmerCaveBlue. Imagespace. From bright teal, to dark teal. As well as normalization of contrast and saturation.


Final room lacks... something to make it a bit more interesting to look at. Considering it is a pseudo boss fight area then it is perhaps a bit sad with just one light source in the entire room. Also the general lighting template prevents the room to be as dark as it probably should be. Could considering turning on the giant dwemer chandelier and it would solve all the issues.

Sightless Pit[edit]

Sleeping Tree Cave[edit]

Snapleg Cave[edit]

Soljund's Sinkhole[edit]

Southfringe Sanctum[edit]

Steepfall Burrow[edit]

Stillborn Cave[edit]

Stony Creek Cave[edit]

Sunderstone Gorge[edit]

Swindler's Den[edit]

The Chill[edit]

Tolvald's Cave[edit]

Uttering Hills Cave[edit]

White River Watch[edit]

Wolfskull Cave[edit]