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Very unfinished. Unstable, disorganized, unreliable. Made for my own reference. Stuff.

This is my "core" TTW install: the minimum number of mods I would play with, vanilla as they come. Okay fine, I could probably pare it down a lot more. But I like these ones, and I'm working to make this install fast and stable as I can get it. It will feature only the minimum of retextures and purely visual enhancements in the interest of simplicity.

Takes huge pointers from Clear & Present Danger, Fear & Loathing and Adonis VII's TTW notes. Props and credit to them.


  • Test the rest of the fixes in F&L to see if they work.
  • Clean Deluxe TTW to raise FPS
  • Fake fullscreens prease?


  • 6/11/15 - Updated TTW installation to v2.9.4a
  • 6/11/15 - Added a section on leveling


Follow the instructions in these parts of the excellent Fear & Loathing in New Vegas guide:


TTW Main and Optional[edit]

Grab the installer, extract it and run the .exe. Point the installer to your FO3 and FNV installs, and for your TTW install point it to your Mod Organizer mods folder. Try to uncheck the "sexy" box and giggle. Marvel at how much faster the install is than it once was (used to be several hours--huge improvement!). Politely decline when it asks you if you want to build FOMODs. Rename the "Main Files" and "Optional Files" mods (either via MO or directly in the file manager) to something more specific for clarity--I just prefix both of them with "TTW".

Next, open up the INI editor, click the tab for falloutprefs.ini, find the following lines and change them:

SCharGenQuest = 001FFFF8
sIntroMovie =
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1

Make sure the "sIntroMovie" is blank after the equal sign, or else you'll have to watch through two intro movies. Maybe that floats your boat, I dunno.

Make sure your load order is as so:




Double click on your "optional files" mod and go to "optional EPSs". Here, select the optional addons you want and move them to the "available ESPs" area. Each addon has its own folder, inside of which is a text file that describes what that addon does. You can consult that to figure out which ones you want. Here's the ones I suggest:

  • TTW Options
  • No Karma DC Followers
  • Speech Checks
  • Startup Menu (ONLY IF you want to start in the Mojave, if you want the DC start don't enable this)
  • Stash Pack Options
  • TTW Wild Wasteland
TTW Bugfixes[edit]

Download the hotfixes and create a mod for them by making a folder in your MO "mods" folder, then moving the .esp files into it. NOTE: The current hotfix is a replacement for TTWOptions.esp, so you can just overwrite that file in your Optional Files mod if you prefer. I like to have them as two separate folders personally.

Official Bugfix Pack TTW[edit]

Grab it the latest and install it. If it's not directly under TTW's esm in your load order, move it there.



Pause here. Start your game. See if it works.


Install NVSE and the 4GB loader as described in the F&L guide.


Install New Vegas Anti-Crash and New Vegas Stutter Remover as described in the F&L guide here. (I haven't tried out the other ones on TTW yet.)

Edit your FalloutPrefs.ini and change this line:

fGrassStartFadeDistance = 17000

User Interface[edit]

DarnUI TTW[edit]

Open up your INI editor, and in both fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini, find the [Fonts] section and replace it with this:


Get The Mod Configuration Menu main file and the MCM BugFix 2 update file. Merge, and replace when asked.


Get the One HUD (oHUD) main file and the One HUD (oHUD) Darnified Patch optional file. Merge when asked.

Dynavision 3[edit]

I very much prefer this to ENB. It's more easily and readily tweaked, and it results in higher framerates for me. Download the "FULL" version.


Makin' it allllll work together, baby.

AFTER all of this is done, open up DarnUI and move "DarNifiedUINV.esp" to the Optional ESPs: we're using oHud, so its HUD extensions are not needed.



Pause here. Start your game, and actually go in-game and open up the menu. See if the Mod Configuration Menu is there, and if you get any errors. If you do, reinstall the above section over and over until you're sick or it works, whichever comes first.

Supplemental UI & UI Patches[edit]

Lutana NVSE Plugin[edit]
CASM with MCM[edit]
Traits Menu DarNified[edit]
Misc Item Icons[edit]

Nothing fancy with any of these: just download and install them.


These are just newer/prettier meshes and textures, and they are ALL optional. Most of them will make it slower.

Hall Of Equipment TTW[edit]

Download and install the Fallout 3 version, then download and merge the New Vegas version.


No FO3 version of this, so just install the one.

NMC Texture Pack[edit]

Follow the instructions here to clean up and combine the packs. FO3, NV.

  • Note: I went for the medium pack. I also installed the Washed Out Wasteland pack separately, so that I can turn it off when I get to the Mojave.
Textures Over Time[edit]

Get the FlagStoneWalls, HH_Sandstone, and Sandbags main files ONLY. Merge.

TTW Redesigned[edit]

Install Project Beauty, then Redesigned, merging the two. You will need to manually install both. Everybody looks weird to me if I don't have this mod installed. ;_;

Customizing for TTW[edit]

It's important to me that Tale of Two Wastelands be its own game, not just 3 and NV smooshed together. That's what these mods are for.

Concept Art Loading Screens[edit]

Replaces the main menu screens with Fallout concept art. I like it because it's wasteland-agnostic, so to speak.

No Loading Screen Text[edit]

Optional: Removes the loading screen tip text.

Radiation Loading Roulette Wheel[edit]

Turns the roulette wheel into a radiation symbol.

Digital Nightmare - Music Overhaul[edit]

Listening to the New Vegas music makes me think I'm in the Mojave. No good. This gives TTW its own musical score. Make sure you grab the esp fix and main theme replacer files.

Delay DLC - TTW[edit]

Requires you to be within a certain distance of the broadcast location before the DLC radio signal is picked up. On the TTW forums.

TTW Companions Essential[edit]

A feature mod: marks your companions as "essential" so they can't get killed.



If you're doing this to kick off the TTW+ install, stop here and go do that instead.

Post-Installation Checklist[edit]

  1. Run LOOT
  2. Make a merged or bashed patch

Follow the instructions at F&L here.

In-Game Settings[edit]

You may notice I didn't include Fellout or anything similar. This is because I am lazy, and get basically the same results by fiddling with Dynavision's color settings in MCM. Just go to "Lights" in the Dynavision menu and hit the double-arrows to raise every color except green and yellow. When in the Mojave, raise every color except red and magenta.


The simplest, most vanilla way to fix the leveling issue: go into the TTW MCM menu and check the XP reduction box. This makes each subsequent level require more and more XP, so you level slower as the game goes on, preventing your character from getting too OP too fast. While you're here, check the other options as well.