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A STEP Hosted guide for Tale of Two Wastelands
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This guide is not updated for TTW 3.3

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Tale of Two Wastelands brings FO3 into New Vegas, bringing all the feature and engine upgrades(reputations, crafting, iron sights, hardcore, survival skill) from New Vegas to the Capital Wasteland. It provides a bridge to connect the stories in a logical fashion to allow both games in a single playthrough if desired. It has some of the biggest names in Fallout modding working on it, bringing features exclusive to TTW.

I'm currently splitting the guide into two components:


Core seeks to be minimal in its approach, fixing bugs, restoring cut content, implementing quality of life upgrades, improving the physics for better gun-play, and adding gameplay features and balance. It does not seek to replace the vanilla textures or meshes, and should have the same performance requirements as vanilla.


Graphics builds upon Core with new textures, meshes, and effects meant to compete with the latest and greatest while remaining faithful to the original look. It is recommended to have a SSD and 4GB graphics card.


4K indicates mod that are specifically build with 4k displays in mind. These will usually be UI mods, and have minimal benefit to 1080p users. 1440 users may still be interested in these.


This indicates a step only for users with the Steam version.


This indicates tool installation to edit or create your own mods.


Install Fallout New Vegas somewhere NOT in your program files directory.
Launch the game once, setting everything to highest.
Install Fallout 3 somewhere NOT in your program files directory.
Launch the game once.
If you have previously installed either game, and cleaned or altered any of the Bethesda .esm, restore them through steam.


xEdit (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: ElminsterAU
  • Version: v4.0.3
  • Installation: Create an xEdit Folder somewhere outside your game install and your Program Files. This video can be applied to any xEdit version: XEdit Installation
Mod Organizer 2 (TESV)[edit]
  • Author: Tannin
  • Version: v2.3.2
  • Installation: Create a folder Mod Organizer 2 outside of your game directory and Program Files.

Setting up Mod Organizer[edit]

For detailed setup instructions, see Mod Organizer Video Series by Gamer Poets.

INI Tweaks

The following tweaks may be made using MO built in INI editor. Those tweaks labeled


are required as they are bug or performance fixes. All those labeled optional may be used to enhance certain graphical settings. You may alter these optional values between the vanilla maximum and the numbers I have given if you so desire.


  • TTW Changes
SCharGenQuest = 001FFFF8 (Sets the start quest to FO3)
sIntroMovie = (yes this one is blank on purpose, it needs to be blank)
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  • Light distance fade (optional)(performance cost)
  • Extending LOD (optional)(performance cost)


  • Allow additional plugins to be loaded.
bEnableFileSelection = 1
  • TTW changes
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  • Increase Grass Render distance from 3 to 5 cells (optional)(performance cost).
fGrassStartFadeDistance = 17000
  • Select Resolution
iSize W=1920     <---Choose horizontal
iSize H=1080     <---Choose vertical
  • Double LOD Distance (optional)(performance cost)


NVSE (Github)[edit]
  • Authors: Kormakor, Jazzisparis, carxt, c6, iStewieAI, iranrmrfIan Patterson, Stephen Abel, Paul Connelly, Hugues LE PORS
  • Version: v6.0.8
  • Instructions: See
JIP LN NVSE Plugin (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Jazzisparis and LuthienAnarion
  • Version: 55.61
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Configuration: Customize the ini to your liking. My suggestions are here.
NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Queue
  • Version: v7.5.1.0
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Installation: Install NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash.
NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Carxt - Tgspy
  • Version: v8.1
  • Installation: Install New Vegas Tick Fix.
IStewieAl's Tweaks (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: lStewieAl
  • Version: 6.2
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Installation: Install Stewie Tweaks and Stewie Tweaks INI. Rename the second and MERGE.
  • Configuration: Customize the ini to your liking. My suggestions are here.
JohnnyGuitar NVSE (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: carxt - lStewieAl - c6
  • Version: 3.71
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Installation: Follow instructions on link


Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW)[edit]
  • Authors: TTW Team
  • Version: v3.3.3
  • Requirements: NVSE, JIP LN, MCM
  • Installation: The installation for TTW requires a couple steps.

Gamer Poets have made the official installation video:



JIP Improved Recipe Menu (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: jazzisparis
  • Version: v1.20
  • Requirements: NVSE, JIP LN NVSE
  • Installation: Install JIP Improved Recipe Menu.
The Mod Configuration Menu (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Pelinor
  • Version: v1.5
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Installation: Install The Mod Configuration Menu and MCM BugFix 2.
Loot Menu for FNV (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Gribbleshnibit8
  • Version: v1.3
  • Requirements: NVSE, JIP LN NVSE, and UIO (Installed afterwards)
  • Note: Currently this doesn't disable the default loot text. If this annoys you this mod can be skipped without issue.
  • Installation: Install LootMenu.
FOV Slider (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Roy Batty
  • Version: v2.9
  • Requirements: NVSE, JIP LN NVSE, and MCM
  • Installation: Install FOV Slider.
Vanilla HUD Remastered (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: BmanBlazer
  • Version: v1.83
  • Installation: Install Vanilla HUD Remastered 4K v1.83. During setup, select VHR with VUI+ Patch.
Vanilla UI Plus (ModDB)[edit]
  • Author: Axonis
  • Version: v8.63
  • Installation: Install Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas) 8.63. Check plugin during the wizard.
Consistent Pip-Boy Icons (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: ItsMeJesusHChrist
  • Requirements: JIPLN, JohnnyGuitar
  • Version: v3.607
  • Installation: Install Consistent Pip-boy Icons and "Consistent Pip-boy Icons Update." Select defaults or icons as desired.
Vanilla Hud Cleaned (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: ItsMeJesusHChrist
  • Version: v0.381
  • Installation: Install Vanilla Hud Cleaned. Select Defaults.
Pause Menu HD (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: pilamin
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: 4K users should install Pause Menu HD - 2048, 1080 users should install Pause Menu HD - 1024.
UIO - UI Organizer (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: jazzisparis
  • Version: v2.09
  • Note: There may some files or folders in the Overwrite folder after exiting the game or after a crash. This is not a problem, those files can be ignored or deleted without issue. The mod will regenerate those files every time the game loads.
  • Installation: Install UIO - User Interface Organizer.
Tutorial Killer (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: pintocat - Roy Batty
  • Version: v1.5
  • Installation: Install Tutorial Killer - Scripted version.


Collision Meshes (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: KaneWright
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • Installation: Install CollisionMeshesFO3 and update Collision Meshes FO3 1.6.0 to 1.6.1. Get the BetterBoozeFix and PrecisionCollisionClutterFix optional files, and use [Merge] when installing to combine with the main mod in MO.
Collision Meshes (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: MadAce
  • Version: 1.6.4
  • Installation: Install Collision Meshes and update Collision Meshes FNV 1.6.3 to 1.6.4 and [Merge].

These mods overhaul collision meshes on many statics. Want to shoot between those metal bars? Now you can. No more bullets being stopped when they shouldn't be.

Ragdolls (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: MadAce
  • Version: 4.1
  • Installation: Install Ragdoll TTW.

Cut Content

Uncut Wasteland (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: sandbox6
  • Version: v0.91b
  • Installation: Install Uncut Wasteland plus NPCs., Uncut Extra Collection, and Uncut Road to Legate's Camp.
Strip Wall Billboards (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: sandbox6
  • Version: v1.0

Adds previously unused billboards which were only seen during the intro to The Strip's perimeter wall making it slightly less dull.

No more giant manhole covers (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: sandbox6
  • Version: v1.0


Auto Gates (TTW)[edit]
  • Author: William Sea
  • Patcher: Roy Batty

Adds closing animations to gates so that the open and close as you come and go instead of staying permanently open after your first visit.

TTW Intro Street Bus and Trailer Ruins (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: bigpete - Roy Batty
  • Version: v1.0a
  • Installation: Install Intro Street Bus.
TTW The Regulators (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: WilliamSea - Roy Batty
  • Version: v1.4
  • Installation: Install The Regulators.
TTW Another Interior Mod (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Wastelandloner - Roy Batty
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Another Interior Mod.

This is the successor to Kentbury Way.

TTW A Trail of Breadcrumps (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Mike Hancho - Roy Batty
  • Version: v1.4
  • Installation: Install A Trail of Crumbs.
TTW Interiors (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: ChuckSteel
  • Version: v5.4.1
  • Installation: Download TTW_Interiors Core v4.3.3, TTW_InteriorsProject Combo v6.5. If you are following the Graphics path and using NMC, install NMC NVInt - TTW Int compatibility Patch Large v2.0.

Texture Overhauls

Retextured Clutter Collection (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: ObsidianStag
  • Version: vfinal
  • Installation: This mod if packaged improperly. Right click the data folder and click [set data directory].
NMC's Texture Pack (FO3/FNV/TTW)[edit]
  • Author: NMC
  • Installation: Follow instructions on the TTW page.
 Hide Textures\interface
MG's Neat Clutter Retextures (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Mental Gear
  • Version: v7
  • Installation: Install MGs NCR Pack Ojo friendly 7
  • Note: Will have a look at Moraelins Machete improved
Ojo Bueno Texture Pack (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Tapiokas
  • Version: Quiznak
  • Installation: Install Ojo Bueno Texture Pack for FNV - HIGH and Ojo Bueno Vending Machine Update HIGH.
 Hide Textures/vehicles
Ojo Bueno Nuka-Cola TTW Patch (BEING REUPLOADED)[edit]
  • Authors: Adonis VII
  • Instructions: Install TTW Patch.
UHQ Terrain, Rock, Roads, & Grass Overhaul (ModDB)[edit]
  • Authors: Marcurios
  • Version: v1.1
  • Instructions: Click the red Download Now button (actual file will be v1 in your downloads folder).
 Hide the following:
Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: by Weijiesen
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install WJS DLC05 Retex 1_0.
Hectrol Tumbleweed (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Hectrol
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Hectrol Tumbleweed Deluxe 1024 Retex.
Textures Over Time (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: DonKnotts
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Download FlagStoneWalls, HH_Sandstone, and Sandbags, and [Merge] all three.
Money Higher Quality Retex (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Lord Inquisitor
  • Version: v1.2
Acoraito HD Textures Pack (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Acoraito
  • Installation: Download 2k Main File and 1k Optional and [Merge] them.
6IXES Clutter Texture Pack (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: 6IX
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install 6IXES Clutter Texture Pack. This mod has unneeded esp files.
 Right Click the mod
 In Optional-ESPs move 6IXES Clutter Texture Pack.esp to Optional Esps.
Audley's Misc Textures (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Audley
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Audleys Misc Textures - Fear and Loathing.
Bear Trap Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: konji
  • Installation: Install beartrap retextured.
Cherry Bomb HD Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: legandalfo and Jokerine
  • Installation: Install Round mesh for cherry bomb along with 512x512 textures.
When installing the select the "default 512x512" and click Ok.
Fallout Food Package Retexture Compilation (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Majormodder
  • Version: 3.0
  • Installation: Install Food compilation dirty set uncompressed 3 point Oh.
Right Click the mod
In Optional-ESPs move Majormodder's Junk Food to Barbeque Chrisps.esp to Optional Esps.
HD Caravan Table retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Blaydon
  • Version: 1
  • Installation: Install HD Caravan Retexture.
Collision Meshes - Fallout Food Package Retexture Patch (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: KaneWright
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Installation: Install FalloutFoodPackageRetextureCompilationFix.
Hectrol Mailbox Deluxe (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Hectrol
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Hectrol Mailbox Deluxe 512 Retex.
Hi-Res Lunchbox (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Dazington
  • Version: v1.0
Magazine Redux (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: razzy1319
  • Version: v1.1
  • Installation: Install MagRedux 1024x1024 and MagRedux QuickFix.
Minimod - High Resolution Newspapers (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Tagaziel and LadySinestro
  • Version: v1.5
  • Installation: This mod is not packaged correctly, follow these instructions:
During install, right click "data" and select "Set data directory", then click [OK].
Neglected Clutter (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: aogara
  • Version: v1.2
  • Installation: Install Neglected Architecture and Furnitures, Neglected Clutters, and Neglected Clutters - New Paint Gun.
PM's HD Ammo Boxes (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Pommymax
  • Version: 1.1
  • Installation: Install PM's HD Ammo Boxes - 1K Diffuse 512px Normals.
PM's Med-Textures - HD Chems and Venoms (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Pommymax
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install PM's Med-Textures v1.0, PM's Med-X Texture, and Sebastjin's Normals.
Pre-War Money Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Red.Room.Service
  • Installation: Install Pre-War Money Retexture -RRS. When prompted, select Light Distress for both bills.
Tweaked Cashregister (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Lord Inquisitor and Tapiokas
  • Version: v1.0
Tweaked Chems Replacer (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Lord Inquisitor
Tweaked Generator (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Lord Inquisitor
  • Note: I need to find a better matching texture to make the buttons more apparent than is current in the above textures.
Tweaked Intercom (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Lord Inquisitor
  • Installation: This mod is packaged incorrectly:
Expand "Intercom01 14-11-2009" then expand "Lord inquisitor", then expand "NIF".
Right click on "NIF" and create 3 nested directories called "Meshes", "Clutter" and "Consoles".
Drag the intercom01.nif file into the Consoles folder.
Drag the Consoles folder into the Clutter folder then drag the Clutter folder into the Meshes folder. Set the NIF directory as data directory.
Tweaked Wrench (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Lord Inquisitor
Vertibird Re-textured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Macintroll
  • Version: v0.1
  • Installation: Install Vertibird re-textured olive green, then do the following:
Right click the mod and select Open in Explorer
Create a new textures folder 
Move the vehicles folder into the textures folder.
Close the Explorer window.

id7 collection[edit]

Arlington Tombstones Redone (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d7
  • Version: 1
  • Installation: Install d7_tombstones_redo.
Bus Shelters Redo (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install d7_busShelters.
Grocery Shelves Redo (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install d7_grocerystoreredo.
Hamradio redo (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install d7_hamRadio.
Metal Box Redo (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install d7_metalbox and AmaccurzerO_anims_metallbox.
Vintage Radio Redo (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d7 aka id2301
  • Version: v2
  • Installation: Install d7_vintageradioredo.

TVSet Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d7 aka id2301
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install d7_tvset_retextured.


Gas Pumps of New Vegas (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: EdibleGrenade12, Thaiauxn
  • Version: v1.5
  • Installation: Install Gas Pumps of NV Ver. 1.0 and Gas Pumps of NV Update 1.5.
Vault 22 Flora Overhaul (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Macintroll
  • Version: v1.1
  • Installation: This mod is not packaged correctly, follow these instruction:
When the installation window pops up, expand "Vault22FloraOverhaul-mod".
Right click "data" and select Set data directory and click [OK]


Improved Robots Textures (FNV)[edit]

by Tau34RUS

It's a Dogs World - Dog Texture Overhaul (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Nivea
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install DogsWorldTextureOverhaul_Optimized_V1_0.
Robots HD Retexture (Mediafire)[edit]
  • Author: Magnesium Fire aka QuasarX
  • Installaion: First install the Data folder which provides the main mod. Then install the same mod again but this time choose the DC Interiors Patch (which provides high quality retextures of the robotic toys in DCInteriors Project. Install this using [Merge] to combine this with the previously installed main portion of the mod.
If desired, this step can be repeated to install a 4kx4k Liberty Prime replacement, but most users who want to use this option will want to first reduce the size of the 
textures with DDSopt before installing. If you wish to install the Liberty Prime replacement, select "no" when asked to install as a bain installer, then expand "Liberty
HD Retexture" and right click on "Либерти 4096" and choose set as the data folder.
Eyebot Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d7 aka id2301
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install EYEBOT Retextured.
Fawkes Retexture Hi-Res (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Macintroll
  • Note: We just want this for the clothes.
FO3 Hirezd - Supermutants (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Emerald Reign
  • Installation: Install Supermutants, and Supermutant - 4k Fawkes.
SentryTurret Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d7 aka id2301
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install d7_sentryTurret_retextured.
Swampfolk Backwater Retexture (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Deathclaw Alpha
  • Installation: Install Backwater Retexture.
Robot Revolution HD - Protectron (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: OpenSaucer
  • Version: v1_1
Vandr HD Creatures (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Vandrerer
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Vandr HD Creatures. This mod is not packaged correctly, follow these instructions:
 Right click "data" and select "Set data directory", then click [OK].
AmidianBorn Book of Water - Book of Flesh (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: CaBaL
  • Version: vOmni2
  • Installation: Install BOA NV The Book Of Flesh.
FeralGhouls Hires Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Macintrol
  • Version: 1.0
  • Installation: This mod is not packaged correctly, follow these instructions:
During install, open FeralGhoulsHD, right click "data" and select "Set data directory", then click [OK].
Super Mutants HD - 4k Retextures (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: pilamin
  • Version: v1.1
  • Installation: Install Super Mutants HD - 2k High.


While I plan for FCO to be the main NPC mod, I have not had time to test FCO 3.0 or bugfixes. Additionally TTW patches made for FCO 2.0 have not been updated to FCO 3.0

Authentic Burned Man (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Rocket
  • Version: v1.0

FNVEdit Cleaning Required: 2 ITM

Beards (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Drumber
  • Version: v1.0

512, 1k, 2k options. 512 suggested.


Power & Combat Armors[edit]

aMidianBornNV Book of Water (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Cabal
  • Version: omni2
  • Installation: Install nov 2011 book of steel.
Double click aMidianBornNV Book of Water in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "boa ncrpahelmet.esp" and "Boacombat2glove.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
Bornagain Combat Armor (FO3)[edit]
  • Authors: EmeraldReign and Cabal
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install BornagainCombatArmor4096, BornagainCombatArmor4096EnvironmentMaps, BornagainAnchorageCombatArmor2048, BornagainGhoulCombatArmor4096, and BornagainZetaCombatArmor4096.
Double click Bornagain Combar Armor in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "Bornagain Zeta Combat Armor Texture Patch.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
Bornagain Combat Armor (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: EmeraldReign and Cabal
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install BornagainFNVCombatArmorLonesomeRoad4096.
Bornagain FO3 T45d Power Armor (FO3)[edit]
  • Authors: Cabal
  • Version: v3
  • Installation: Install bornagain fo3 t45d 4096 huge v3 fixed. Optionally install bornagain fo3 t45d 2048 mid v3 if lower res is desired.
Bornagain Outcast T-45d Power Armor (FO3)[edit]
  • Authors: Cabal
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install BornagainOutcastT45d4096.
Double click Bornagain Outcast T-45d Power Armor in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "Bornagain Outcast T-45d Texture Patch.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
Bornagain FO3 Outcast (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Cabal
  • Installation: Install Bornagain Fo3 outcast MAIN, and helmet fix.
Double click Bornagain FO3 Outcast in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "BornAgain Outcast v3.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
Enclave Power Armors Retextured (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: d_seven aka id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install EPA, Hellfire, and Tesla. [Merge] all 3 files.
Double click Enclave Power Armors Retextured in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "teslaPA -retextured.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
Book of Steel - Compatibility Edition (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Darthbdaman
  • Version: v2.1.0
  • Installation: Install Book of Steel - Compatibility Edition and Tale of Two Wastelands.
aMidianBorn NV Book Of Water - Armour Fixes (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: tgspy
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Book of Water EMesh Fixes.
Tribal DX (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Weijiesen
  • Installation: Install Tribal DX - 2048 res.
Double click Tribal DX in the left pane and go to the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move "Tribal_DX.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.

Other Armors[edit]

Mono's Updated ADAM Package (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: MonoAccipiter, EssArrBee & darthbdaman
  • Version: v4.5.1
  • Installation: Grab the ADAM All-in-one Installer 4.5.1 main file


Template:FOMOD_Instructions is deprecated and should no longer be used on this wiki. Please change this template call to use the better-looking and simpler Template:Fomod. We apologize for the inconvenience.
FOMOD Instructions
Mono's Updated ADAM Package
Complete Version or Custom Install
Complete Version or Custom Install

DotMO.png Complete Version

NCR Trooper
NCR Trooper
Do you want to install NCR Trooper module?
Do you want to install NCR Trooper module?

DotMO.png No

NCR Civilian Clothing (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Darziak
  • Version: v1.0
NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Emerald Reign, nekronom, cabal, wjs, dragbody
  • Version: vbeta
  • Installation: Install Main File Beta 7_2 and Sapper Leg Fix. This mod's plugin is not needed, follow these instructions:
Double click NCR Trooper Overhaul in the left pane of MO and click the [Optional ESPs] tab.
Move the "NCRTrooperOverhaul.esp" to the Optional ESPs box.
NCR Trooper Overhaul - Distributed (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: pwinkle
  • Version: v1.0
  • Requirements: NC Trooper Overhaul beta
Realistic Pip-Boy Retexture (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Numb Squirrel
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Numb Squirrel Pip-Boy 4k Compressed.
Pimpboy (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: weijiesen
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Pimpboy - Opal - default.
The Legacy of X13 - An Armor Overhaul (FNV)[edit]

by Emerald Reign

Wasteland clothing Hires retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Macintroll
  • Version: v1.3A
  • Installation: Install Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 FULL PACK and Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 POWDERGANG FIX -IMPORTANT-. Both files are packaged incorrectly, follow these instructions:
During main file install, expand "wastelandclothing-HD-v1.3", then right click "data" and select "Set data directory", click [OK].
During optional file install, expand "wastelandclothing-HD-Powdergang-FIX", then right click "data" and select "Set data directory", click [OK], then select [Merge], not [Replace].
HR Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Ellise Decer aka Asurah
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install HR Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit_2k.
HR Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Ellise
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Get one of the two main files, 2k recommended, and install with MO.


Misc Weapon Retextures[edit]

BB Gun ReTexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install BB Gun ReTexture for FNV.
Bowie knife retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Bowie knife retexture.
Cleaver and Chopper Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Cleaver Retexture.
Combat and Chance's knife retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Combat knife Retexture.
Fallout 3 Hirezd (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Emerald Reign
  • Installation: Install the following files:
Lincolns Repeater
Fire Axe - Retextured (TO BE REUPLOADED)[edit]
  • Author: id2301
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install fireAxe_retextured and knock-knock_retextured and [Merge] both files.
Hatchet retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Hatchet retexture.
Laer Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: The Riff
  • Version: v1.1
  • Installation: This mod is not packaged correctly, follow these instructions:
During install, right click "data" and select "Set data directory", untick "before.png" and "after.png", then click [OK].
MFC Grenade Texture Fix (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Adonis VII
  • Version: v1.0
Nail Gun Retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: PrinceMinusA
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Nail Gun Re-texture.
Retextured Fallout Ordnance - RFO (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Emerald Reign
  • Version: v0.2
Shishkebab the Retexture (FO3)[edit]
  • Author: Macintroll
  • Installation: Install shishkebab the flaming sword.
Throwing melee weapon retexture (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: FalloutMG
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Throwing melee weapon retexture and Normalmap fix (no ugly shiny).
Weapon Enhancement Project (FO3)[edit]
  • Authors: Christopher Wallace and MadCat221
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Weapon Enhancement Pack.

Weapon Retexture Project Mods[edit]

Weapon Retexture Project (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Millenia
  • Version: v1,95
  • Installation: Install weapon_retexture_project_1dot95 and New 12_7mm SMG.
Half Hansified Holorifle (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: MadCat221
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Download Half Hansified Holorifle Standard. The file is named incorrectly.
Rename: holorifle.nif -> Nvdlc01weapholorifle.nif

New Models[edit]

2019 Detective Special (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Toasty Fresh
  • Version: v1.01
  • Installation: This mod has multiple .esp files.
In MO, right click the mod and click properties.
Move ThatGunReplacer.esp to Optional ESPs
2019 Detective Special TTW patches (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Adonis VII
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install ThatGunReplacerGRA TTW patch.
Enclave Colt 10mm Pistol (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Micalov, Millenia
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Enclave Colt 10mm Pistol and TTW Col Autums 10mm replacer [Merge].
 In MO, right click the mod and click properties.
 Move Colt_10mm_pistol.esp to Optional ESPs.
 Load [TTW]AutumnsPistol.esp in FNVEdit. Change the FormID from 0006b531 to 0A06b531.
Forge Beyond (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: EmeraldReign
  • Version: v1.0a
  • Installation: Install Forge Beyond - Bozar Hirezd.
TTW-FO3 Hirezd (FO3/TTW)[edit]
  • Author: Emerald Reign
  • Patcher: Adonis VII
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: From the FO3 page, download Flamer - Deluxe, Lincolns Repeater - Optional Cubemaps, and Minigun - Deluxe v2 optional files. From the TTW Page download TTW - FO3 Hirezd V1.0. Multiple .esp files need to be hidden.
 In MO, right click the mod and click properties.
 Move FO3HirezdFlamer.esp, Fo3HirezdLincolnRepeater.esp, and Fo3HirezdMinigun.esp to Optional ESPs.
 In filetree, rename the following textures in textures/weapons/2handhandle/ -> -> -> ->
  • Authors: ChristopherWallace, & MadCat221
  • Patcher: Adonis VII
  • Version: v1.2
  • Installation: Follow instructions on page.
XChainsaw (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: jobra888 and weijiesen
  • Version: v2.0
  • Installation: Install XChainsaw with smoke-effect.
XChainsaw GRA Patch (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: VWGolfR1
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install XChainsaw GRA patch.

Weapon Effects & Impacts[edit]

EVE - TTW (TTW)[edit]
  • Authors: Weijiesen, jonnyeah, Roy
  • Installation: Follow instructions on TTW page
EVE (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Weijiesen, jonnyeah
  • Installation: Install EVE Grenade Explosion Lag Fix.
IMPACT (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Weijiesen
  • Version: v2.0
  • Installation: Install IMPACT - The Gaming Rig and Optional Option - No Refract Hits.
IMPACT - Compatibility Edition (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Weijiesen, darthbdaman
  • Version: v1.1.1
  • Installation: Install IMPACT.


Enhanced Blood (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: dDefinder
  • Version: v2.22c
  • Installation: Download the Enhanced Blood Texture, Alternate Textures, and Low Res Textures. Follow these instructions:
Install the main file.
Install "Low Res textures" file and [Merge].
Open downloads folder in windows explorer to find Alternate Textures-34917.rar and extract Alt Blur Screen and Alt v2.0 Blood splatter.rar to download folder.
Go back to MO and install Alt Screen Blood Blur and Alt v2.0 Blood splatter into Enhanced Blood Textures and [Merge].
EXE - Effect teXtures Enhanced (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: weijiesen
  • Version: v2.0
  • Installation: Install EXE FULL RES V2 -LATEST-.
HD Mist (FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Ramccoid, Adonis VII
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install HD Mist 2k.
Hectrol FX Dustorm Deluxe (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Hectrol
  • Version: v1.0
  • Installation: Install Hectrol_FX_Duststorm_Deluxe_HighRes_Retex.
Expand "Hectrol_FX_Duststorm_Deluxe_HighRes_Retex" and then right click "2048" and select "Set data directory".
Click [OK].
New Vegas - Enhanced Camera (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: LogicDragon
  • Version: v1.4b
  • Requirements: NVSE
  • Installation: Install Enhanced Camera.


Interior Lighting Overhaul (FNV)[edit]

  • Authors: Sarge198 and Killergrimm
  • Version: v6.9
  • Installation: Install Interior Lighting Overhaul 6-9. Choose Ultimate edition and any other patches for mods you may have installed. DO NOT INSTALL THE TTW PATCH. It is depricated.

Old World Blues Path Lighting (FNV)[edit]

  • Author: Sarge198
  • Version: v1.1
  • Installation: This mod has an extra plugin, follow these instructions:
Double click Old World Blues - Path Lighting in the left pane of MO, and go to the "Optional ESPs" tab.
Move "OWB-Path Lights - Darker Nights.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.

Realistic Interior Lighting (TTW)[edit]

  • Authors: Scarecrow, CourierSix
  • Installation: Install ttw_realistic_interior_lighting.rar in Pokepunch's post.

FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting (FNV)[edit]

  • Authors: xCamoLegend, Sal203, RoyBatty
  • Version: v5.52
  • Installation: Install TTW Realistic Wasteland Lighting.

Street Lights (TTW)[edit]

  • Authors: SpeedyB, Dekoman91, TJ, Roy
  • Version: v1.4
  • Installation: Install TTW Streetlights v1.4. If using NMC, additionally install TTW Streetlights NMC Patch and [Merge].


Reload Reloaded (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: migck
  • Version: v1.3
  • Requirements: NVSE, MCM
  • Installation: Install Reload Reloaded. This mod has unneeded .esp files.
 Right Click the mod
 In Optional-ESPs move Reload Reloaded - perks.esp and Reload Reloaded - Weapon Handling.esp to Optional Esps.
Courier's Stash Pack Distribution (TTW)[edit]
  • Author: Retlaw83
  • Note: Only install if you have the Courier's Stash Packs. Also CANNOT be used with TTWStashPackOptions.esp

This mod distributes the Courier's Stash items around the early areas of the Capital Wasteland, telling little stories of how they got there.

Delay DLC - TTW (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Gribbleshnibit8
  • Version: v2.1
  • Installation: Install Delay DLC 2-1.

Delay those pesky DLC messages until the appropriate time.

Luck Based Sunset Sarsparilla Star Bottle Caps (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: CapnLilNemo

This mod adjusts the chance of finding Star Bottle Caps based on your luck. 1 Luck = 1%, 10 Luck = 10%. Average Luck = 5 gives the vanilla value of 5%.

Nipton Fires Extinguished (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Qwerty
  • Version: v1.0

Makes fire and smoke effects in Nipton disappear 1 day after the first player visit.

No Grabbing of NPC Owned Items (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: xQd
  • Version: v1.0.1
Pickable Cave Fungus outisde of Zion (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Yukichigai
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Install Main File
Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Yukichigai
  • Note: May need patch for TTW DLC weapons
Static Battery Replacer (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Pintocat
  • Version: v1.0

Replaces 50 of the 59 static Fission Battery models with the Misc Item version that can be taken. The remaining 9 are there as visual "power sources" for lights and such.

Working Grinding Wheel (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Yukichigai
  • Version: v2
  • Note: May need patch for TTW DLC weapons. Should work fine since TTW adds weapons to VPoisonWeapons list, but let me know if you find an issue.


In Bethesda games, there are 3 main types of LOD: TerrainLOD, ObjectLOD, and TreeLOD. TerrainLOD covers the actual heightmaps of a worldspace. ObjectLOD covers placed statics in a worldspace. TreeLOD consists of 2D billboards of trees and bushes placed in a worldspace. In New Vegas however, the TreeLOD system is broken. All trees should be built as 3D meshes and inserted into the ObjectLOD system. In this section, we will install premade TerrainLOD as well as the assets needed to generate ObjectLOD later in the guide.


Enhanced Terrain LOD (FNV)[edit]
  • Author: Roy Batty - xCamoLegend - tgspy
  • Version: 1.0
  • Installation: Install NMC Washed Out - OjoBueno ETL and 4K Terrain LOD Noise - ETL


FNVLODGen - Resources (FO3/FNV)[edit]
  • Authors: Ehamloptiran, Sheson, and FNVEdit Team
  • Installtion: From the FO3 Page, install FO3LODGen Resources. From the FNV page, install FNVLODGen Resources, NMC LOD Texture Fix. This mod has unneded esps.
 Move "FO3LODGen.esp" and "FNVLODGen.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.
TTWLODGen (GoogleDrive)[edit]
  • Authors: Ehamloptiran, Sheson, and FNVEdit Team

Load Order[edit]

When multiple mods edit the same record, e.g. a gun or an NPC, whichever mod is lower in your load order gets priority. This is known as the run of one. In certain cases you'll want to patch two conflicting mods to get a combined result, e.g. PN edits the damage of a Laser Pistol while EVE edits the mesh.

Load Order can be sorted either manually or with an automatic tool such a LOOT.

Loot works by downloading a masterlist for FNV based on user submitted information on mods, and sorting them based on that information. Thanks to darthbdaman's work on updating the LOOT masterlist for TTW mods, most mods should now be properly tagged and sorted. This will get you 95% of the way there.

Basic instructions for manual sorting can be found here: TTW Load Order General Guide

Open LOOT through Mod Organizer and sort the mod list. Click [Apply] when the list of mods is presented. Close LOOT.


There are two ways to patch your game, the bashed patch and the merged patch.

Bashed patches are created using Wrye Flash and are a semiautomatic method of patching all your mods. It however requires that mods have correct Bash Tags, a practice not often followed in the Fallout community compared to the Elder Scrolls community, and thus requires a second tool to generate the Tags.

The other method is a Merged Patch, which patches formlists but otherwise requires manual patching. Manual patching will always be superior to that generated by the scripts of the Bashed Patch due to lack of community support, however it is extremely time consuming.

Create a Merged Patch[edit]

See Roy's video here:

Running FNVLODGen[edit]

In MO, go to the archives tab and make sure "Have MO manage archives" is Unchecked.
Launch FNVLODGen through MO. After a moment of processing a window will popup.
On the left pane, select the worldspace(s) for which you wish to generate LOD.  You can select all of them at once.
On the right side make sure Objects LOD is checked and that Tree LOD is unchecked.
Click Generate.
Once the FNVLODGen has finished it will give you the message "LOD Generator: finished (you can close this application now)." Close the program
Go to the location which you selected when setting it up (C:\FNVLODGenOutput was suggested). Archive the meshes + textures folder and install with MO. Name this mod Generated LOD.
In MO, go to the archives tab and make sure "Have MO manage archives" is Checked.

MCM Configuration[edit]

MCM is a powerful tool that allows you to customize your game once everything is installed. Details of my suggested setup can be found here.


EssArrBee & Kelymch - This guide was originally based on the two setups by these extraordinary gentlemen. It wouldn't have been possible without them!
Roy - Constantly teaching me and telling me when I'm wrong.
Darth mathias - Stylistic parts of his guide.
STEP - Graciously hosting this guide and being an amazing community. They're how I got into modding!
TTW Team - Making TTW, and providing support on chat.



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