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Very unfinished: I've gotta re-do my core TTW install, cuz I can't remember what I did the first time. Don't expect any of this to like, actually work.

I'm trying to combine Clear & Present Danger and Fear & Loathing in a working and hopefully stable TTW install, and needed a place to put my notes. So that's what this thing is. Yup.

I'm also using this as a reference. Thanks for making your notes available, Adonis VII!


First Things First![edit]

Go through the TTW Core install. Come back here when you're done.


This is the non-vanilla TTW install, so we can futz about with the leveling scheme more.

Practice Makes Perfect[edit]

Switches leveling to an Elder Scrolls-esque scheme. This mod is one that demands a LOT of fiddling to get it just so, so I suggest you get the optional files as well and merge them in so you can activate their ESPs as needed. I mostly use PMPitems.esp, to make lockpicking less sketchy, and two perks per level to tie into the perk mods below. There's some discussion of skill advancement rates here.

Perk Mods[edit]

Optional but cool: gives you more perks to choose from. I suggest you download both More Perks and the TTW Perk Overhaul.

User Interface[edit]

Project Nevada[edit]

It will ask if you want to keep your newer MCM files: you do. Make sure you check it to enable it before moving on.

PN Extra Options[edit]

Don't tick the equipment module when installing, there isn't one.

PN TTW Patch[edit]

Grab the "Project Nevada - TTW 2.7.3 Patch" link--i.e. the link that's not for those who don't use the equipment module. (Double negatives ahoy!)


PN Med-X Fix[edit]
PN Extra Options Implant Texture[edit]
PN Extra Options MCM Script Fixes[edit]

Make a mod for 'em, merge 'em together.


A.K.A. visuals.

Nevada Skies[edit]

I suggest getting the Brighter Nights addon as well: merge it in. Put everything but the esm, TTW Edition and Brighter Nights files into Optional ESPs.

Male & Female Body/Armor[edit]

At the moment I don't actually have this installed, but when I did I followed the instructions in the FAQ.

Vurt's Flora Overhaul[edit]

The wasteland just looks weird to me without some trees. You may have to run the installer several times to get all of the LOD patches you're gonna want, since it only allows you to select one at a time. I use Dead Edition for FO3, Fertile Wasteland for NV, and the NMC LOD patch. Install more of the LOD patches and merge them in to your existing mod if you see issues, particularly with those joshua trees.

Random Cool Stuff[edit]

All the radio mods evah!

Radio Extender Mod[edit]

Makes it so you can hear the different radio stations wherever you are in the wasteland. Doesn't appear to cause conflicts with Delay DLC. Required to make the following radio mods work.

Old World Radio[edit]

Adds a bunch of old radio shows! I'm such a huge fan of these things. Get the "complete mod" download.

Quests & Cut Content[edit]

Cool but, of course, totally optional. Allllllll optional.

Alton IL[edit]
Someguy series[edit]
Sortomatic Modder's Resource[edit]
New Vegas Bounties I[edit]
New Vegas Bounties II[edit]
Beyond Boulder Dome[edit]
A Note Easily Missed[edit]
An Evening with Mister Manchester[edit]
To Sleep - Perchance to Dream[edit]
In The Shadow of the Swamp[edit]
A Reasoned Argument[edit]
Necronomicon Ex Mortis[edit]
Tales from the Burning Sands[edit]

In-Game Settings[edit]

Project Nevada[edit]


Practice Makes Perfect[edit]


Controller Support[edit]

Pinnacle, yo. Yeah, I know, it isn't free, but it'll work with whatever controller you happen to have, and its mouse emulation is A+. I'm using this profile for now, but will probably put together a custom one.

NVIDIA Shield[edit]

You don't have a shield tablet and controller? I'm sorry, that must be so hard for you. If you did have one, you'd select NVSE at the top right of MO, then make a shortcut for it on your desktop, and add the shortcut to your GeForce Experience under Preferences > GameStream. That way it would show up under your list of streaming games and start up with all mods without even making MO start. But you can't do that. Poor you.