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Oblivion Guide Conflict Resolution[edit]

NOTE: This is no where complete. I would suggest you ignore this for the time being.
If you do NOT have X mod that is used in conflict resolution then ignore it. This will take awhile.

The order represented is in the order that BOSS uses for esp. Oblivion.esm is going to be ignored as the first mod. Conflict might show up in multiple esp. Use the latest mod unless otherwise noted.
For the first conflict resolution right click on the last mod and [Copy as override into...] and scroll to the bottom and [<new file>], "Oblivion Guide Patch". [Yes].

Hishutup: Should this be in reverse?

00XXXXXX = Oblivion ESM
XX000000 where XX is plugin file that is unknown to the guide.

All Natural[edit]


Full - Name (Frostcrag Spire Main Level)
Full - Name (Frostcrag Spire Living Area)
Full - Name (Frostcrag Spire Vault)