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Brief description: With this pack you will rebalance and expand the skills and magic system. You will also rebalance and expand character creation, races and standing stones as well as add new spells and shouts.

Pre-installation texts:

Changelog at the end of the guide.

Dovahkiin Reborn

What to expect from the pack:[edit]

The aim of this pack is to rebalance the skill and magic system with the skill overhaul TTRSO as well as other skill mods like Kryptopyrs Stealth skills rebalanced. Another aim is to add new features like new shouts and spells to keep Skyrim interesting but still keeping things balanced. Kryptopyrs Disparity overhauls character creation with an MCM menu with features that resembles Morrowind.

Pre-Installation Setup:

This pack is fully compatible with STEP: Core and STEP: Extended.

Other packs[edit]

This pack is compatible with all the packs listed here. If you use more than this pack you need to build your own patch to be used with the original STEP: Core/Extended patch.

Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition[edit]
Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition is more of a replacement for STEP than a pack. I do not have time to test for conflicts against SR:LE, but many of the mods in SR:LE is used in my packs. If you follow Neovalens conflict resolution guide you will learn to do conflict resolution yourself and it will be quite easy to get my packs compatible with his guide.

A real explorers guide to Skyrim (REGS)[edit]

Guide:Explorers Guide
I have made patches to make my packs compatible with REGS. REGS is modular, which means you can use parts of REGS if you like. A full REGS install with STEP: Extended and several other packs may (probably) be too much for your computer and the game engine. It can be done though and I use such a setup myself.
The patches for REGS will solve conflicts between my packs and REGS but please note that quest and city mods from REGS includes high level loot that may break some of the philosophy/function from Morrowloot. REGS is still very recommended.

Deleveled Loot[edit]

Pack by me that delevels loot.

Skyrim Gameplay Rebalance[edit]

Pack by me focused on balancing gameplay by making it harder, more fun and by adding gameplay elements. Highly recommended.

Post-installation config:


TheThirdRace Skill Overhaul
TTR Skill overhaul[edit]

Description: TTRSO stays close to vanilla and buffs/debuffs perks and balances the skill and magic system.
Author: TheThirdRace
Optionals: None.
Special Instructions: Do a manual install. Install everything. Delete the source folder. You should only use one plugin for every skill you want to use from TTRSO. If you want to use other skill mods for certain skill, do not install the plugin for that skill from TTRSO. From the official install instructions: Each DLC has a suffix associated with it (DG:Dawnguard, DB:Dragonborn, HF:Heartfires) and you need to eliminate the ESPs you can't use by keeping the only file that match the right suffixes. For any combination of DLCs, there is only 1 ESP possible. If a skill doesn't have any ESP with the suffix for your DLC, that means the DLC has no impact on it and thus don't need to be part of the suffix for that skill.

Merging Required: (Merging Guide)
Merge all plugins (do not merge TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esm). Name the merged file TTR_Skill_Overhaul.esp and move it to the original mod folder. Disable all other .esp files from the mod.


Other skills mods

The following skills mods are not covered by the patch in this pack.

Stealth Skills Rebalanced[edit]

Description: Overhauls the stealth skills
Author: kryptopyr
Optionals: None.

Smithing Perks Overhaul[edit]

Description: Replaces the smithing perk.
Author: kryptopyr

Enchanting Awakened[edit]

Description: Enchanting skill mod.
Author: egocarib
Optionals: Install the all main files.
Special Instructions: Install all relevant patches from the main installer and from the patch pack. Not compatible with the following STEP mods, but their functionality are included in this mod:

  • Smart Souls

Bash Tagging Required: (Bash Tagging Guide)

  • EnchantingAwakened.esp (Relev, Names, Stats) [relev optional, it adds soul gems to vendors]

Shouts, Powers, Races and Magic[edit]

Talents of the dovahkiin

Description: Overhauls character creation. Modifies races and standing stone blessings and more.
Author: Kryptopyr
Optionals: None.
Special Instructions: If you want to use standing stones blessings with more active effects than these i recommend Aurora - Standing stones of Skyrim. This is compatible with Disparity as long as you load it after. If you want races with more active effects I recommend Imperious - races of Skyrim. This is not compatible with Disparity. If you use either Imperious or Aurora, you need to merge your own patch.

Dragon Soul Relinquishment[edit]

Description: Use dragon souls to get more perks or other powers
Author: Alek
Optionals: None.


Description: A dragon shouts overhaul that features new shouts.
Author: Enai Siaion
Optionals: If you use Wyrmtooth, install the Wyrmtooth compatibility patch
Special Instructions: This has a conflict with Enchanting Awakened. Solve it by loading it before Enchanting awakened or using our patch (recommended)

Apocalypse Spell Package[edit]

Description: Adds lots of new spells
Author: Enai Siaion

Forgotten Magic Redone[edit]

Description: Adds spells that evolve and grow stronger as you use them.
Author: 3JIou, sward66
Optionals: None

Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge[edit]

Description: Spectraverse features a questline with several voiced characters revolving around the Children of Magnus. Your reward for intervening in the war in heaven is a choice of 42 unique Destruction spells with scripted effects.
Author: Enai Siaion
Optionals: None

Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves[edit]

Description: Dwemerverse contains 42 brand new Dwemer themed Alteration, Destruction and Restoration spells and a 1-3 hours quest...
Author: Enai Siaion
Optionals: None

Bash tags[edit]

Bash Tagging Guide

  • EnchantingAwakened.esp (Relev, Names, Stats) [relev optional, it adds soul gems to vendors]

Post-Installation Configuration[edit]

LOOT rules[edit]

  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenu.esp
  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenuPlugin.esp
  • Load Imperious - Races Package.esp after RaceMenuPluginXPMSE.esp


Conflict resolution

If you install the whole pack except Other skill mods, download the relevant patch from here.
Install the patch and make a LOOT rule for it:
LOOT Rules:

  • [patch name].esp Set global priority 990400

If you only install some mods from the pack, or if you install mods from the Other skills section, or if you have other packs installed, please merge your own patch.

FNIS, Bashed patch, Dual Sheath Redux[edit]

Make a habit of always rebuilding the bashed patch, running FNIS and Dual Sheath Redux after you have installed/uninstalled mods.

MCM Settings[edit]

To make it more user friendly, here is a collection of all in-game settings, MCM settings and console commands in a goggle doc to make it easy to view them on your phone:
Please take a glance at all MCM configurable mods that you use. There are several settings and tweaks you might want to use that I haven't brought up due to it not being important to what we intend to do with this pack.


This pack used to be a part of a bigger pack that I developed with the help of Nicopad and Garfink. Big thanks to them.