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Merge Plugins application is deprecated, so please consider using its successor, zMerge instead. Also see GamerPoets' tutorial for the necessary files. The general 'merge' instructions here still apply.

Merge Plugins Standalone[edit]

Merging Instructions[edit]

  • Install and set up the Merge Plugins Standalone using the instructions below
  • The plugins you want to merge must be sorted in the order specified in the guide with no plugins in between them
  • Make sure you have less than 255 plugins in Mod Organizer activated. If you have more than or close to 255 plugins, deactivate some plugins that are not included in the merge you are about to do
  • Make sure no plugins have the error message Missing masters in Mod Organizer. This is indicated by a triangle with an exclamation mark.
  • No merged plugins will be loaded into Merge Plugins. If any plugins has a merged plugin as a master, loading Merge Plugins will fail. Just to be safe, deactivate the bashed patch before starting Merge plugins.
  • Run Merge Plugins through Mod Organizer
  • Select the Skyrim profile and click OK
  • Select the files you want to merge, right click/Add to merge/<New Merge>
  • Type in the Name and Filename indicated in the guide. Click OK.
  • Click on the tab Merges.
  • Make sure you see the message Background loader finished in the lower left area
  • Right click the merge/Plugins/Check plugins for errors
  • If you didn't get any errors, right click the merged mod and click Build merge
  • Close Merge Plugins
  • If any of the mods you merged contained any plugin files not included in the merge, these files needs to be manually copied from the original mods to the new mods:
Select the original mod in Mod Organizer. Right click/Open in explorer.
Select the plugins you need to copy. Right click/copy
Select the new merged mod in Mod Organizer. Right click/Open in explorer.
Right click/paste the new plugins into the new merged mod folder.
  • Sort the new merged mod directly after the original mod(s).
  • Deactivate the mods that were merged. Activate the new merged mod.

Installing and setting up Merge Plugins Standalone:[edit]

  • If you haven't done so already, install the Creation Kit. The Creation Kit will create a file in you Data directory called scripts.rar. Extract this file into the data directory.
  • Download Papyrus Compiler Patch for x64 Systems and run it. Point it to your PapyrusCompiler.exe file (<skyrim path>\Papyrus Compiler\)and click Start.
  • Download and extract Merge Plugins Standalone to the folder of your choice
  • Download and extract Champollion to the folder of your choice
  • Add the Merge Plugins Standalone as an executable in Mod Organizer:
Click the icon with two cogs at the top left section of Mod Organizer

Type in the following: Title: Merge Plugin Binary: <Merge Plugins Standalone path>\MergePlugins.exe
Click Add
  • Open the Merge Plugins Standalone through Mod Organizer. Choose the Skyrim profile and click the cog icon to set it up:


Language: Your choice
Username: Your choice

Simple dictionary view: Unchecked Simple plugins list: Unchecked
Update dictionary automatically: Checked Update program automatically: Checked


Merge destination directory: <Mod Organizer Path>\mods\

Handle FaceGenData: Checked Handle voice assets: Checked Handle MCM translations: Checked Handle INI files: Checked Handle script fragments: Checked Extract BSAs: Unchecked Build mergeded BSA: Unchecked Batch copy assets: Checked
Debug: Everything unchecked


Click the button Detect Integrations

I'm using Mod Organizer: Checked Copy general assets: Checked
Mod Organizer path: <Mod Organizer Path>\ Mod Organizer mods path: <Mod Organizer Path>\mods\
Champellion Decompiler patch: <Champillion Path>\Champillion.exe Papyrus Compiler Path: <Skyrim Path>\Papyrus Compiler\PapyrusCompiler.exe Papyrus flags path: <Skyrim Path>\Data\scripts\source\TESV_Papyrus_Flags.flg
BSAOpt path: empty BSAOpt options: empty
  • Click OK