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Fallout 4: Natural Born Killers

>>Rated "R" for mature themes and nudity<<


Rodriguez restricted cougar.jpg

Yes, it sounds violent and abusive, doesn't it? Are you perhaps made uncomfortable by such things as incest, exploitation and selfishness? Or are you concerned that such visceral material is merely being sensationalised for effect; in other words: to shock? Or, a third possibility is that you are yourself damaged, and will find something familiar herein.

If any of those approximate your reaction, then you are in need of the dark catharsis waiting within.



Natural Born Killers is in draft stage


Game : Fallout 4
Title : Natural Born Killers
Version : scratch 1
Forum thread : tba
Author : Boycad
Cut-and-Paste source (thanks): Gernash


Just getting started...

The intention is a Mod Organizer 2 based, Lovers Lab friendly build; stand-alone or autistic install; a basic technical competancy for bug fixes, base-game improvements, and post-build capabilities, as per site tradition; also lore-friendly but "vanilla adverse". The selections follow a core and module model, describing the core in preparation for later additions, content mods for instance, without actually choosing those additions. Such items are left up to the individuals taste; and although we are making assumptions about your tastes, dear reader, we will be discreet. But they are there, in your id, even if you don't admit it, and in fact especially if you don't admit it. It is part of your identity.

Regarding the theme, I make no apologies. It may be exaggerated for dramatic purposes, but reality is my model. These are the suburbs and sprawl of a foreign landscape, degraded and ravaged, where the anonymous are captive, and you are among them. Do not panic. Focus on your immediate problems. It is afterall just a game.

So we jack it up and set it loose. Some features are a Fusion Girl body, for animations, and possibly physics; other stuff as I think of it... The build is LoversLab friendly, though not gratuitous nor often linked; performance budget is targeted moderate. Thare are two mandatory mods I have in mind: Sim Settlements 2 and the Advanced Animation Framework. The build is to be a fully competent install supporting those two additions.

Thanks to Gernash for his starting sections and reference point. Lets begin with the workspace.

Production Notes[edit]

Below are the production notes [hide]

 >Look, lets just say that modularity is a good idea, and make it one of the objectives of this here series.  So in that case, your going to want to watch how many you choose, and where they fit.  Then your going to plan for a few merges in each section; one merge really.  Hopefully its a neat structured stack of discrete elements, like Habitant '64.  It seems impossible to believe at this stage that it might turn out exactly as expected, but if it does, you will be duly congratulated.  Keep them tight.
 >You gotta love Lana Del Rey.  Otherwise, this guide is probably not for you. ;p  She sounds like such a babe; a true romantic
 >The Minute Men are a curious creation.  In the White Collar Players episode (https://youtu.be/v4NY24D2fkE) covering the "We Are the Minute Men" (WATM) mod, the narrator explains:  "One common critique by the players of Fallout 4 is that The Minute Men as a faction were not fleshed out enough for those who chose to join their cause."  In fact, they come off as purposeless, as if they didnt know what to represent and latched on to the theme of patriotism for lack of any deeper purpose.  There was no harsh lesson of survival compelling them, and despite their complaints about being the victim of raiders (or whatever Preston says when you first meet him; Ive hardly played any of the Minute Men quest), one has the suspicion that player could easily have more sympathy for The Raiders than those who would return law and order. 
 For this reason, the basic interpretation is that they are indeed the face of civilization and its faults; in particular the faults of the righteous.  The Minute Men already function as police in the game, and the WATM turns them in to a guard factory, so their basic role in society has been established, and the mod authors interpretation of the faction has furthered our intentions.  All those uniforms and uniformity help too.
 Now comes the fun part.  This faction has to interact with the settlements.  It has to do so as if they were police, sometimes puffed up, sometimes unprofessional, sometimes worse, and sometimes human too, lets not forget.  All of this should be possible to express with the story-creation elements in the game.  It should, nay must, be expressed in the Sim Settlements phase of the game.  Who are Society's Guardians, and what do they cost?
 Certain interactions or animations should convey that although they protect the population, they also prey on it.  There must be a salary for every guard.  If they cost 200, the salary should be say 10% and level up with the instance.  Perhaps a mechanic where each purchased or manufactured Minute Man Guard required another settler to create, so we wouldnt get object bolat for people, and also to impose an additional cost from the loss of that honest workers staple goods production.  
 Furthermore, these police are needy individuals.  Im thinking of "Bad Liutenant" here.  That guy had needs so bad, it will be double for him than for a regular guy, because The Lieutenant has to live two lives, one he pays for, and one he actually lives.  Free blow and hookers are naturally needed to unwind, and as a natural perk of enforcing the law, one is allowed to break it.  In fact, we have no objection to this sort of behaviour, in fact considering it part of humanity's lot of contradictory experience.  But there is a home life which is kept separate, and in that is the seed of a greater hypocrisy.  In any case, free hookers and jet at the nearest Raider-populated settlement, where nobody cares anyways.
 But the home life is important, too.

A juke box plays at the back of a smokey restaurant...[edit]

Preparing Windows 10[edit]

This guide is executed on an updated Windows 10 Pro x64 operating system, at build 19042.867 as of writing. Other Windows versions should also be possible, but that is where we are starting. Your PC will also need to have a few certain additions, namely and archive extractor, a good text editor, and the current Visual Studio code.

7-zip : This is an archive extractor. It'll allow you to extract archives (.zip, .rar, .7z). Since most mods and other utilities come in this format, it's critical to be able to extract them. WinRar will also do this, but 7-zip is free and therefore the standard.
To make it even more convenient to use :

  • Locate the 7-zip File manager : 7zFM.exe, (located by default in C:\Program Files\7-Zip, or simply type in 7-zip File Manager in windows' search bar)
  • Start it with administrator privileges (right-click -> run as administrator).
  • Navigate under Tools -> Options.. and look at the System tab, you'll find the file association manager.
  • Associate 7zip with .7z, .zip, and .rar files by simply clicking on them.

This way, you will be able to preview the content of archives and extract what you want out of them by simply double-clicking on it.

Notepad++ : An advanced text editor. Useful to edit various configurations files, as its layout, syntax-coloration, and other built-in search functions are by far superior to what your basic notepad can do.

Since we're going to open a lot of .ini files in this guide, it's a good idea to tell windows that you want to automatically open them with Notepad++ :

  • After you've installed it, right click on any .ini file on your system (if you don't have any yet, just read a bit further, you'll discover them ;) )
  • Select Open With... -> Choose default program...
  • Select Notepad++. If Notepad++ is not on the list, use the Browse... button and navigate to NP++ installation path (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++).
  • Make sure that the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file checkbox is ticked in.

In addition, the Visual Studio 2019 redistributable is required, because Buffout 4 and the whole F4SE plugin troup require it to work. It's a big download, but the Visual Studio functionality is just indispensable these days. Skipping any step is a dangerous choice; but then, the two above can be skipped- with due consideration. This one should be taken literally, because the whole build will not without it:

The latest Visual C++ downloads: Download the VC_redist.x64 installer, run it as administrator, and install to the default location.

  • file name=VC_redist.x64

Isolating the Base Game[edit]

Isolating the Fallout 4 game files, in anime known as "Autistic Mode", ensures the user controls this data at all times in the future. This is important because we will be putting a tremendous amount of time and labour in to the build, and it is a very sensitive and temperamental arrangement being created. This step prevents all known scenarios where the automatic behaviour of another application disturbs or disorders your work-in-process. It also and opens up the possibility of making a backup of the entire build.

The file structure here uses the format D:\{build}\Fallout 4\Data, where {build} contains not only the base game files, but "{build}\Mod Organizer 2", "{build}\{tools}", and (optionally) "{build}\{archive}"

Accordingly, there is very little information stored on C:.

Removing Creation Club content[edit]

Creation club content is among of the base game files by default, and unless unless unlocked will remain dormant as un-activated .esps. According to the "super-clean" approach to modding, these files amount to clutter and could cause problems. Although we support the Creation Club as an innovative way for independant modders to co-operate with large companies, in theory at least, this guide does not use it nor support it.

Donations to modders can be directed through the Nexus Mods site, which has an excellent and well thought out distribution system.

Verifying your Local Fallout4 Validity[edit]

If you have used NMM or Bethesda Game Studios mods this Section is mainly for you.
Navigate to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Fallout4
The only file that should be in there, if you have an untouched Fallout 4 installation, is

DLCList.txt the contents of which are:


If you have run FO4Edit in the past then the following will be present

  • Plugins.fo4viewsettings

If there is ANYTHING else in there or you just want to reset them to default Please do the following:

  • Navigate to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Fallout4
  • Make a backup of its content (IF you are an NMM user and want to use a FO4 mod list built in that manager, as this will break your existing NMM profiles) and delete the contents
  • Start the game using the default launcher, and when you get to main menu, exit to desktop.
  • Navigate to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Fallout4
  • It should now contain only the DLCList.txt with the contents as above.
Once you have verified the contents of the DLCList.txt Make sure it's set to read only

If you moved here from NMM then this has to be done. Check validity of your factory Fallout 4 setting is important it resolves issues later in the Wiki that can be avoided NOW!

Mallory appears indifferent to the attention, and continues dancing.[edit]

-Where and when to initiate: file versionf-

These are baseline .ini file edits which will be assumed throughout. Future installed mods depending on specific .ini switches will function properly, at least on this account, and most modules you may want to add after the core build is completed will be taken care of too.

In other words: we get this out of the way early, and can leave it alone hereafter.

Initializing your Fallout 4 INI files[edit]

If you have been playing Fallout 4 or just Starting for the 1st time I’d advise you to reset your INI files back to a default state before continuing.
The rest of the following sections in this portion of the guide will assist in achieving a performance vs quality setup before you take off on your modding adventure.

  • If you have launched the game before you will have Fallout 4 INI configuration files present. Navigate to your Documents\My Games\Fallout4. Backup all the files and folders (excluding the Saves folder)
  • Delete all the contents of the Documents\My Games\Fallout4 (excluding the Saves folder)

To speed up the MAIN Screen of Fallout 4 (Shudder) if you have many save games please do the following

  • Go into your Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves folder and create a folder called BACKUP.
  • Sort the files via the date modified tab. Select all the older Save game you no longer access and Move them to the Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves\BACKUP folder. You should be left with 10-20 save games. More than this seems to cause the MAIN PAGE to cough and shudder.

Launch Fallout 4 and select the Ultra Preset then click Play. When the game loads to the main menu, exit the game. (This sets up the 1st run INI files). The following files will be generated.

  • Fallout4.ini
  • Fallout4Prefs.ini

Once we start doing some changes with will be modifying a 3rd file

  • Fallout4Custom.ini

This file overwrites most settings contained in the other 2 so it you delete or clear it out your game will run in a default fashion.

Tailoring your configuration[edit]

At this point make a backup of your two INI files.

  • Fallout4.ini
  • Fallout4Prefs.ini

And call it Fallout4Default.7z (I’m using 7-Zip as it’s seems to be the default standard on the NEXUS)
There are several ways of editing your INI files we will be doing both. First we will use a couple of GUI editors and then add some entries manually.

Installing the TOOLS[edit]

These are the main two GUI Configuration Tools Gernash uses:

BethINI - Inifile configurator[edit]
TOOL BethINI - 2.7.1 - by DoubleYou
Files to download:

BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4.


  • Extract the files into \ModOrganizerData\Fallout 4\Tools\BethINI
    • Create a shortcut to your desktop.
    • Right-click the shortcut and choose properties. Under the Compatibility tab check the Run program as an Administrator tickbox. Press OK to exit.

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool[edit]
TOOL Fallout 4 Configuration Tool - - by bilago
Files to download:

Fallout 4 Configuration tool.


  • Extract the files into \ModOrganizerData\Fallout 4\Tools\FO4Configtool
  • Create a shortcut to your desktop.
  • Right click the shortcut and choose properties. Under the Compatibility tab check the Run program as an Administrator tickbox. Press OK to exit.

Basic GUI Setup[edit]

First open BethINI. .
Under the Setup TAB

  • Check the Make INIs Read-Only (you do not want these files modified by anything other then yourself)

Under the Basic TAB

  • Check the Windowed Mode (If you ALT-TAB without it and you use ENB’s the response time will be the same as 1st load to menu i.e. 15-60sec on a fast computer)
  • Check the Recommended Tweaks (This will auto configure the rest of the tabs to the Authors recommendations.)
  • Check Load Loose Files

Under the General TAB

  • NONE

Under the Gameplay TAB

  • Check Sprint Fix
  • Remove Borders

Under Interface TAB

  • Autosize Quick Containers

Under Detail TAB

  • NONE

Under View Distance TAB

  • NONE

Under Foliage TAB

  • NONE

BethINI Modified Settings

  • Setup TAB

    Setup TAB

  • Basic TAB

    Basic TAB

  • General TAB

    General TAB

  • Gameplay TAB

    Gameplay TAB

  • Interface TAB

    Interface TAB

  • Detail TAB

    Detail TAB

  • View Distance TAB

    View Distance TAB

  • Foliage TAB

    Foliage TAB

Go to the Basic tab and click Save and Exit.

.ini edits in Mod Organizer 2[edit]

Finalizing your .inis[edit]

At this point make a backup of your two INI files.

Setting Up Your Modding Environment[edit]

Director's Notes: Scout locations...

Look at those clean cut kids over there, with their intact family lives, avarice, and budding curiosity in the world around them. Some of them even have cars.

Mallory: "Can we have kids someday, Mickey?"

Installing Mod Organizer 2[edit]

We will be installing Mod Organizer 2, v.2.3.2 (November 2020), in portable mode. This is an essential tool we will be depending on constantly and reaching for whenever we feel threatened. "This is my Rifle, this is my gun! / This is for fighting, this is for fun!"

In your dreams, or in an idealized self-image, you do see yourself standing alone and unaided against the tempestuous fortunes. But this is vanity, hubris. In fact, it is the device which is so important defining the individual externally, amplifying your choices and your will, and the damn thing almost seem to replace you, to the point that you would be lost without it. Mod Organizer 2 will be in this Wasteland what the service rifle is to the soldier in training: that one essential tool which keeps you in the game. Pay special attention, Greaseball!

Base MO2 Directory[edit]

  • Create the folder [D:\{build root}\ModOrganizer2], and extract the contents of the archive here
  • Inside the folder, locate the "ModOrganizer.exe" file and double-click it to run ModOrganizer2
On 1st start of ModOrganizer 2, it may detect previous iterations of itself and open in a another game mode. Make sure MO2 is "Portable", and then choose the 'Fallout 4' game mode

  • Add the D:\{build root}\ModOrganizer2 folder to Windows Defender Exclusions
  • Make ModOrganizer.exe run as an Administrator

Issues Resolution[edit]

  • Go into MO2 Settings and in the NEXUS tab enter your login Information.
  • Ensure you have successfully logged in to the Nexus site, because its easier to play along when your'e getting what you want.


If you have issues with your profiles you can try (make sure you backup) deleting D:\{build}\ModOrganizer2Data\Falout4\ModOrganizer.ini when you restart MO2 it will remake it.


To resolve download manager issue from Nexusmod site I recommend deleting the nxmhandler.ini from D:\{build}\ModOrganizer2 and D:\{build}\ModOrganizer2Data then run nxmhandler.exe in D:\{build}\ModOrganizer2 folder to generate the nxmhandlers.ini files

Skinning your ModOrganizer 2[edit]

...Like a '90s bitch.

Vault 101 StyleSheet - Green Theme[edit]
Optional Vault 101 StyleSheet - Green Theme - v1.0.0 - by Gernash
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - Vault-101 (Green-Theme) V1.4.1
  • ALTERNATIVE - Vault-101-BOS-V2.0.1

The Zip contains a StyleSheet to make your ModOrganizer look Unique....(I have made this StyleSheet for this Wiki So it has it's own "Feel")


You can change your Style at any time to choose your own personal preference.

  1. Extract the "Vault-101 (Green-Theme)" or "Vault-101-BOS-V2" into c:\Mod Organizer\stylesheets
  2. Open ModOrganizer and go to Settings-->Style
  3. Use the Dropdown box and select Vault-101 and press OK

External Programs and Extensions[edit]

Install and Configure LOOT[edit]

LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool) is a utility that aims to sort your load order in the most optimized way possible. This will ensure that mods with dependencies are loaded before their masters properly without having to sort them manually.

TOOL LOOT - Load Order Optimization Tool - v0.16.0 - by WrinklyNinja
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - LOOT v0.16.0 - Installer

  • Download the file manually
  • Extract the installer
  • Run the installer and use the Default settings and folder
You will also need to install the following file from Microsoft: Microsoft Visual C++

  • Make sure the current game (next to the house icon) is Fallout 4 :
  • If not, click on it and select Fallout 4 :
If you cannot start LOOT from within ModOrganizer 2 try uninstalling LOOT, then navigate to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\LOOT (or you can just enter that in your START/RUN Box) and delete the contents. Now reinstall LOOT and see if that resolves the issue.

  • We will be using LOOT to maintain Load Order by procedure, rather than placement

TOOL FO4Edit - v3.2.1 - by ElminsterAU
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - FO4Edit 3.2.1

This tool allows you to edit the ESM and ESP files outside of the creation kit.


  • Download the archive manually and extract the folder \FO4Edit and it's contents to D:\{build}\Tools.
  • In MO2 under "modify Executables" Add FO4Edit under title and point to the Binary FO4Edit.exe in D:{build}\Tools\FO4Edit.
  • Repeat this for FO4EditQC. This executable is used for cleaning mods.

TOOL MXPF - Mator's xEdit Patching Framework - v1.1.0 - by mator
Files to download:

Automation API for FO4Edit required for the Ruddy88's Simple Sorter, below.


  • Download the archive manually and copy the files in the Edit Scripts folder to xEdit's existing Edit Scripts folder, at D:\{build}\Tools\FO4Edit\Scripts

TOOL Ruddy88's Simple Sorter - v1.0 - by Ruddy
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - R88SimpleSorter_SCRIPT

FO4Edit Script for detecting and dynamically assigning UI icons to your user added armor and weapons. It is compatible with AWKCR. The script, a processor, will be run at the end of the install, and can be used after that, too.


  • Download the archive manually and copy the contents to teh FO4Edit folder, ensureing the Edit Scripts folders line up.

BSA Browser[edit]
TOOL BSA Browser (with BA2 support) - v1.8 - by AlexxEG
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - BSA Browser Portable

This tool allows you to explore and extract BA2 Archives without the creation kit.


  • Download the file manualy
  • Extract the contents into C:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\BSA Browser
  • To set BSA Browser as the default program when clicking a BA2 file:
  1. Browse to \fallout 4\DATA
  2. Rightclick any BA2 file
  3. Open with--> Choose another APP
  4. More apps--> (scroll to the bottom) Look for another app on this PC
  5. Locate your BSA Browser.exe and Click OPEN

Advanced Tools[edit]

Merge Plugins xEdit Script[edit]
I currently do not use this in the WIKI.
This information is here purely as a reference for those that want to install it.

TOOL Merge Plugins xEdit Script - v1.9 - by matortheeternal
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - Merge Plugins v1.9

An oldie but a goodie lets you merge files in FO4Edit


  • Download the file manually
  • Extract the contents into C:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\FO4Edit\Edit Scripts

Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler[edit]
I currently do not use this in the WIKI.
This information is here purely as a reference for those that want to install it.

TOOL Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler - v1.0.6 - by Orvid
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - Champollion V1.0.6 - x64

Champollion decompiles .PEX binary files to a human-readable .PSC Papyrus script file.


  • Download the file manualy
  • Extract the contents into C:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\Champollion

Merge Plugins[edit]
This tool is not currently used in the guide. If it is, this message should be changed. However, "Merge Plugins" one heckuva tool, and it should come in handy for adding modules if not for slimming the core plugin weight.

TOOL Merge Plugins - v2.2.3 - by matortheeternal
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - Merge Plugins

Standalone File Merging.


Run Merge Plugins from within MO2

  • Download the file manually
  • Extract the contents into D:\{build}\Tools\Merge Plugins
  • Within MO2 You will need to create an Executable it should point to D:\{build}\Tools\Merge Plugins\MergePlugins.exe


Watch the video on the MOD page.

The below settings are the ones you enter (As MO2 is not directly supported).

General Tab
  • register user
Merging tab
  • Merge destination directory : C:\ModOrganizer2Data\Tools\Mods For Compression\
  • Un-tick Extract BSAs
Integration Tab
  • Tick "I'm using Mod Organizer"
  • Tick Copy General Assets
  • Mod manager Path: points to your MO2 install, D:\{build}\ModOrganizer2
  • Mod manager mods path : should autofill from previouis entry; points to the location of your downloaded and installed, i.e. extractesd mods, D:\{build}\Tools\Merge Plugins\mods
  • Champollion Decompiler Path : D:\{build}\Tools\Champollion
  • Papyrus flags path : Your FO4 install path D:\{build}\Fallout 4\data\scripts\Source
  • Click OK

Installing ENBSeries[edit]

ENBSeries Core files[edit]
TOOL ENBSeries Core files - v0.428 - by Boris Vorontsov
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - v0.428

Video card texture memory manager


If your in-game light sources flicker on and off when looking around make sure to edit the enblocal.ini and change UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics to false; otherwise, set it to true.

  • Follow the link and Click on v0.428
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and click download
  • extract the files
  • copy d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll into your Fallout 4 Directory
  • On first run they will generate their base ini files.

Video play triangle.png Related Video(s): Installing ENB Series
Installing ENB Series
   |   Calculating Memory Setting for ENB Series
Calculating Memory Setting for ENB Series

Basic Game State for Modification[edit]

"At the center of our lives, the bond we share is unbreakable." This is the safe place you will go to when your nerves begin to fray.

Even a core has a nucleus. This is the stable nucleus of the build, and the beginning of our choices, which will be built up from small nodes, piece upon piece, in to towering antennae of dependant code. The first of these nodes is the MCM menu, and then the Heads Up Display (HUD). But before this, the DLC .esms need to be cleaned.

Code Environment[edit]

Cleaning the DLC Plugins[edit]

Do not clean the Fallout4.esm master, ever!

  • In Mod Organizer, select and start the FO4QuickAutoClean.exe
  • Select the first DLC .esm and clean it, then close FO4Edit.
  • Repeat this process for each DLC .esm, one by one. They do not have to be done in order, but make sure all of them are individually cleaned.
  • In MO2, open LOOT to verify there are no "dirty .esm" messages

Further information: TES5Edit on Github.io, on Cleaning DLCs

Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)[edit]

CORE Fallout 4 Script Extender - v0.6.11 - by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel, and Purple Lunchbox (ianpatt, behippo, and plb)
Files to download:
  • MAIN FILES - 7z archive - f4se_0_06_11.7z

F4SE have already become critical to your modding setup, as it will allow you to bypass the Launcher, preventing the launcher from the last official update to reset your list of loaded plugins to none, and offering extended possibilities to customize keybindings.


  • Do not install F4SE via MO2
  • From now on, you must always run the game using F4SE instead of Fallout Launcher from the ModOrganizer 2 Drop down box.

  • Download the 7z archive
  • Open the archive and manually copy the following files:
  • f4se_1_8_7.dll

    Buffing the Base Game[edit]

    a tender glance

    "Its fate, Babydoll", he says looking deeply in to Mallorys eyes. Then he kisses her passionately, as her bridal wreath slips from her forehead and flutters in to the abyss below. In this way, their souls are forever entwined by an unbreakable bond of true love. (Note that there is no church or pastor involved in this scene.)

    This section finalizes our starting state. It equates to the beginning of a love affair. We have only a short interlude to prepare for the chaos ahead, so we had better make the most of it.

    F4SE Preloaded Utilities[edit]

    It may not be as romantic as you wished, but beefing up the Forse capabilities, i.e. modding the F4SE package, is an excellent way to build up the script-level and engine-level capabilities of the game, free from conflicts or performance loss, and using .esp's.

    The Forse plugin is a new type of mod for the Gamebryo engines, and shows great promise. It probably has something to do with Visual Studio, given the frequency that toolset is cited as a dependency in the selection below, and given the airy nonchalance the code carries its payload with. Any mod author implementing a good concept using this advanced method deserves our sincere appreciation, and this family of mods will enjoy preferential treated from the administration.

    The preloaders in this section are invisible in-game, and do not require the MCM.

    Utility xSE PluginPreloader F4 - v0.2.3 - by kerber
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - IpHlpAPI.dll, xSE PluginPreloader.xml

    This mod allows F4SE plugins to be preloaded before the game initializes.


    • Under the Files tab, select "Manual Download" and then navigate to the downloaded archive containing the two files.
    • Extract the contents of the archive.
    • Copy both files and paste them in the Fallout 4 Root directory, i.e. D:\{build}\Fallout 4, not the \Data folder.

    Address Library for F4SE Plugin - v1.10.163.0 - by Ryan
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Address Library

    This is the box that holds the mod description.


    • Download and install normally using ModOrganizer 2; leave disabled until the section is activated

    Buffout 4 - v1.22.0 - by Fudgyduff a.k.a. Ryan
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Buffout 4

    "It's like buffout, but for the engine", they say. Also this is a requirement for the Advanced Animation Framework. Wiki address: https://wiki.fireundubh.com/fallout4/buffout-faqs


    Do this and that to install that mod.

    There is more to this one than usual. Needs the TPP Redistributable, too.

    Console Commands Extender - v1.1.0 - by Ryan a.k.a. "Fudgyduff"
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Console Commands Extender

    Version: This mod adds new commands and overhauls existing commands within the console. For example: "1.0.0 Command: "Clear" Description: Clears the console output. Example Usage: clear";


    • Download and install normally using ModOrganizer 2;
    • leave disabled until the section is activated

    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - PrivateProfileRedirector F4 0.5.2

    Reduces the loading time of save games by storing INI files in memory instead of opening, parsing and closing the .ini file each time the save record calls for a value from it. Apparently this can shorten loading times by up to 20 seconds on heavily modded games, but is less effective the fewer active plugins one has.


    • Download and install normally using ModOrganizer 2; leave disabled until the section is activated

    As of version 0.5, "Private Profile Redirector" should be left disabled due to reports of unintended effects on custom INI setting, in particular null values and the fallout4custom.ini. This warning will be removed as soon as a fixed version is uploaded. (Thanks to InsanePlumber)

    High FPS Physics Fix - v0.8.3 - by Antonix35
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - High FPS Physics Fix

    Unties the game speed from the framerate, fixes physical bugs, and reduces loading time. This has a fantastic smoothing effect to gameplay, and should especially ameliorate the hiccoughs endemic to heavily modded games.


    • Download and install normally using ModOrganizer 2;
    • Enable this mod immediately after installation

    Canary Save File Monitor - v1.0.0 - by kinggath
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Canary v 1.0.0

    Monitors your save file for data loss and warns you when you load the game, so you can avoid wasting time playing on a busted save and roll back immediately.


    • Download using the Mod Manager tab
    • Install and enable in ModOrganizer 2

    Auto Gamepad Switch - v1.5.10 (Nov 2020) - by registrator2000
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

    These things are always the best. They make me feel so secure


    Install normally with MO2

    UFO4P & Mod Configuration Menu[edit]

    We are modding the actual game now, though not with any drama or obvious intent beyond repair and polish of the vanilla product.

    Both mods in this section are top-flight royalty, blueblood as code bits go, and massively effective enablers all down the line. The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is a natural super-star for dependability and good sense, while the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) is our first overt addition, which as it is- without mods to work inside it- has no impact on the game's functioning either above or below the user's level of experience.

    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch[edit]
    Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - v2.1.1a - by Arthmoor
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

    These things are always the best. They make me feel so secure


    *Download and install normally using ModOrganizer 2
    • This mod may be enabled immediately

    Mod Configuration Menu[edit]
    Mod Configuration Menu - 1.3.9 - by reg2k - Neanka - shadowslasher410
    Files to download :
    • MAIN FILES - Mod Configuration Menu 1.3.9

    It provides a central location for mod configuration, accessible via the Pause menu.

    • Copy the MCM folder and all contents into your ..\Fallout 4\DATA\ folder
    • Copy ..\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Config\MCM\settings.ini to ..\Fallout 4\Data\MCM\Settings\
    • Rename settings.ini to MCM.ini

    MO2 does not seem to handle non-standard folders very well and requires these base files to be in the DATA folder to function as intended.
    If the MCM Settings and Keybinds tabs in the MCM menu do not appear do not be concerned it just means you have an MCM mod that has not not had it's MCM folder copied into the ..\Fallout 4\DATA\ folder as yet.

    General Mechanics[edit]

    Wayne Gayle scurries about his dressing room, apparently in a highly stimulated state of mind. He has just learned of the growing infamy and romance of the two protagonists, and is intent on interviewing them as the crowning achievement of his career.

    Gayle performs an important functional role in the plot of "Natural Born Killers", being the indispensible agent of Mickey and Mallory's freedom from prison and redemption to society, but what he represents is an ambiguous critique of the media's power to incite and engage. In the real-world time of Fallout 4, the game in the real world, the character is almost unrecognisable: the ruthless television media personality, commanding a powerful social tool, but doing so entirely without principles.

    There is no way to ignore Mr. Gayle in any viewing of Natural Born Killers, but in this reviewer's opinion, he is a botched signifier. More on this later.


    HUDFramework - v1.0f - by registrator2000
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Workshop Framework

    HUDFramework is a UI framework that makes it possible for mods to add new UI elements to the HUD in a conflict-free way. Stats, time, widgets... and more!.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    Workshop Framework - v2.0.6 - by kinggath
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Workshop Framework

    Code expansion for the <Workshop> interface, used to build environmental structures. This is essential for Sim Settlements 2, below.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    Extended Dialogue Interface - v1.3.6 - by registrator2000
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Extended Dialogue Interface 1.3.6

    The Extended Dialogue Interface removes the hardcoded 4-option limit on dialogue and adds full engine support for any number of player dialogue options.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    Scopes Framework - v1.4.1 - by scrivener07
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Fallout 4 Scopes Framework

    A framework for loading custom user interface crosshairs and optics while zoomed in with the scope menu.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    F4SE Game Mechanics[edit]

    Where did all of these frameworks come from? Some of them are due to Fallout 4's base game ambitions to expand the object system through specialized arrays, a development reflecting the development of Fallout: New Vegas weapon mods which had to continually be patched across to each other. In any case, they are treated early since being there for later dependencies is what a framework is meant to do.

    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - Knockout Framework - Latest Version

    This mod brings to the game a new feature that allows almost all actors to be knocked out depending of the weapon used. Also, the player can now be knocked out instead of simply dying. Because it's a framework, this mod also provides many functions and events to the modders who wish to enrich their own creations.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    [ ] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2

    [ ] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2

    [ ] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2

    User Interface Mods[edit]

    Beginning with the player and working outwards, the first person view, the interior view, is the most basic in-game element.

    Fall UI[edit]

    Fall UI - HUD - v1.3.4 - by m8r98a4f2
    Files to download:
    • MAIN FILES - FallUI - HUD

    A highly configurable HUD. Every widget can be positioned and configured. Configure your design in the in-game layout manager in MCM. Layouts can be shared and imported too.


    Download and install normally with MO2

    DEF_UI - 1.4.3 - by Neanka and Valdacil
    Files to download :
    • MAIN FILES - DEF_UI 1.4.3 (See Updates at bottom of fomod install)

    This mod comes with a lot of improvements to the Inventory, Pipboy, and barter menu, from bigger containers to DPS and Value/Weight indicators, with customized categories for holotapes and notes as well. Everything is configurable through .xml files. Tags in item's names can be replaced by icons.

    In the DATA Tab of MO2 expand interface.
    • Add as executable settings.exe name as DEF_UI INV
    • Add as executable HUDMenuSet.exe mane as DEF_UI UI
    Hide the following files:
    *\interface\iconlibs2.swf (use Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI version)
    *\interface\ExamineMenu.swf (use the modified file from Crafting workbenches.)
    *\interface\HUDMenu.swf (a NEW version will be created when installing HUDframwork)


    • Under Language, pick your game's language.
    • Under Screen Ratio, pick your own monitor's ratio.

  • Add as an executable

    Add as an executable

  • Hide these files

    Hide these files

  • FOMOD Instructions



    DotMO.png DEF_HUD

    DotMO.png DEF_INV


    DotMO.png English (EN)

    Screen Ratio
    Screen Ratio

    DotMO.png 16:9

    Display Components
    Display Components

    DotMO.png Do Not Install Component Tags

    HUD Config
    HUD Config

    DotMO.png Vanilla HUD

    Sorting Mod
    Sorting Mod

    DotMO.png I already have sorting xml files


    DotMO.png Readme - Mods

    DotMO.png Readme - HUD

    DotMO.png Readme - INV


    Keyword Sorting[edit]

    [ Lively's Keyword Resource] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2

    [ ] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2

    [ ] - by
    Files to download:

    Download and install normally with MO2


    Bodies Rest and Motion[edit]

    ahhh... Cosmetics...surely the strangest category of any hentai install.

    This is a really complicated stage, but it should be extremely satisfying too. We get to see how our characters will look, perhaps nude, here. So, lets go ahead and take a closer look.

    For reference, I would like to indicate this tremendous resources made available by Nexus user RickyTheOx, here

    Cosmetic Tools[edit]

    -Bodyslide (external tool)

    -LooksMenu (in-game tool)


    -Custom Skeleton (Skeltel_MaxComp)

    Unique Player and Followers Redux[1][edit]

    Major changes to the games character cosmetics management system, allowing us, using Bodyslide in a step near the conclusion of this guide, to assign unique bodies on a per-follower basis. However, it is essential that all of our custom bodies and the numerous remaining vanilla bodies Remain Compatible With AAF! :O


    Load Order Models[edit]

    InnocentAlpha Nexus User Page

    Fo4 Load Order :-D

    • Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    • ArmorKeywords.esm
    • HUDFramework.esm
    • WorkshopFramework.esm
    • SimSettlements.esm
    • DamnApocalypse_CORE.esm
    • CanarySaveFileMonitor.esl
    • DDLL.esl
    • KillTips_by_tooun.esl
    • Slocum Joes for SimSettlement by Iztari.esl
    • NuCa Ola Cafe for Sim Settlements by Iztari.esl
    • Nothin' Fancy -- All-In-One -- City Plans.esl
    • GraveDigger.esl
    • GraveDigger - Gravestones.esl
    • GraveDigger - Skeleton Patch.esl
    • ScrapMachine.esl
    • PraGNHome.esl
    • CityAmbience.esl
    • AWKCR - dnCommonArmor dlc legendaries bugfix.esp
    • ConcordMusuemRestoration.esp
    • CombatZoneRestored.esp
    • LootCustom.esp
    • DamnApocalypse_Loot.esp
    • Visible Idle Markers.esp
    • HighlightConsoleReference.esp
    • HoloTime.esp
    • SettlementMenuManager.esp
    • ThermalVision.esp
    • SimSettlements_MegaPack_YearOne.esp
    • SimSettlements_MegaPack_YearTwo.esp
    • SimSettlements_MegaPack_YearThree.esp
    • MJC_Sim_Settlements_Addon.esp
    • LtC_LegalizedGrow01.esp
    • DownTime_SimSettlements_Addon_Des.esp
    • RS_Sim_AddOn.esp
    • ohSIM_Sim_Settlements_Scrappers_Addon.esp
    • IndustrialCity_Sim_Settlements_Addon.esp
    • SimHomestead.esp
    • ruined_simsettlement_addonpack.esp
    • VFXAddon.esp
    • SS-PrasRandomAddon.esp
    • SimpleLiving.esp
    • SS_AddOn_CbC_AIO.esp
    • Altairp's Animal Farm.esp
    • SimSettlements CaptLaserBeam Jampads.esp
    • CLBsJampads Patch - SJ - Altairp.esp
    • SimSettlementsAddOnPack - RaiderRefugees.esp
    • JunkTown.esp
    • WVSimSAddon.esp
    • SimSettlements_Addon_FrankTownVRonTown.esp
    • SimSettlements_CityPlanPack_ContestEntries.esp
    • SimSettlements_CityPlanPack_ContestEntries_Season2.esp
    • FeralGhouls-FactionPack.esp
    • tkzBOS_FactionPack.esp
    • VFX SuperMutant Conqueror Faction SMR Nightkin Addon.esp
    • VFX SuperMutant Conqueror Faction.esp
    • AtomsConqueror.esp
    • RaiderClutter.esp
    • cVc Dead Wasteland 6.esp
    • cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC.esp
    • cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC2.esp
    • cVc_Trailer_Park.esp
    • CraftableAmmo.esp
    • CraftableAmmo_plus.esp
    • Generator Fusebox - More realistic version.esp
    • KURO.esp
    • Not Your Average Neon.esp
    • BrightLightsBigCity.esp
    • g2m_Workshop_Nexus.esp
    • CleanMySettlement.esp
    • Raze My Settlement.esp
    • BostonFPSFixAIO.esp
    • Commonwealth Overhaul.esp
    • Rsiyo'sLocationPack.esp
    • WZWildWasteland.esp
    • AtomCatGarage.esp
    • GoodneighborExpanded.esp
    • DCVendorOverhaulAIO.esp
    • FemsheppingsDiamondSquareLoft.esp
    • DCEnhancedSecurity.esp
    • home plate exterior revamped.esp
    • DiamondNewVendors.esp
    • Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp
    • TheSewers.esp
    • SOTS.esp
    • PrevisPackInt.esp
    • TrainBar.esp
    • MGHomePlate.esp
    • InsideJobs.esp
    • Synth Overhaul.esp
    • Synth Overhaul - No level requirements Patch.esp
    • SuperMutantRedux.esp
    • RaiderOverhaul.esp
    • Gunmetal-Clothing-Variaty.esp
    • ArmorClothingOverhaul.esp
    • CraftingFramework.esp
    • CraftingFrameworkAWKCR2.esp
    • LtC_FastTravel.esp
    • CheatTerminal.esp
    • AdvancedNeeds2.esp
    • AdvancedNeeds2_Patch_DLC.esp
    • WorkshopPlus.esp
    • LooksMenu.esp
    • LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
    • CBBE.esp
    • The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
    • AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp
    • MiscHairstyle.esp
    • Tri-Companion AIO CCP.esp
    • AA LMSE_FarHarbor.esp
    • RaiderFaceVariety_2.0.esp
    • BetterSettlers.esp
    • BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp
    • BetterSettlersMostlyFemale.esp
    • BetterSettlersCleanFacePack.esp
    • Clean_Settler_Faces_All.esp
    • More Females.esp
    • SimSettlements_NBL_LeadersPack.esp
    • NameAndTradeWithDogs.esp
    • NameAndTradeWithDogs_CCPatch.esp
    • EFF.esp
    • Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters.esp
    • CompanionHealThyself.esp
    • Realistic_conversations.esp
    • Realistic_conversations - More_NPCs.esp
    • Kinggath_GameplayAdjustments_AICount.esp
    • PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp
    • RecruitableSettlers.esp
    • RecruitableSettlersFH.esp
    • RecruitableSettlersLeaders.esp
    • FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
    • SKKCombatStalkers.esp
    • SKKRESystemManager.esp
    • CreationClubDelay.esp
    • ExcavatorPA.esp
    • RadiGhoul.esp
    • Vault4.esp
    • 3DNPC_FO4.esp
    • 3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp
    • AtomicRadio.esp
    • 3DNPC_FO4Settler_SimSettlements.esp
    • 3DNPC_FO4-Patch.esp
    • SimSettlements_XPAC_Conqueror.esp
    • SimSettlementsDiverseVisitors.esp
    • AA FusionCityRising.esp
    • AA FusionCityRising - HotC.esp
    • OutcastsAndRemnants.esp
    • ProjectValkyrie.esp
    • Depravity.esp
    • DepravityRoxyAltLook.esp
    • DiaryOfAMadman.esp
    • CommonwealthBounties.esp
    • StripClubMusicOverhaul.esp
    • DCGuard_Overhaul.esp
    • AGNISNikaCola01.esp
    • LtC_MaryJane.esp
    • llamaCompanionHeather.esp
    • Art.esp
    • ArtGlow.esp
    • Enviroment.esp
    • Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp
    • A Forest.esp
    • HAIA With Crafting.esp
    • Hangmans Alley Optimized.esp
    • Hangmans Alley Optimized - HAIA With Crafting - Patch.esp
    • BTInteriors_Project.esp
    • BTInt_Optimization.esp
    • Innocent_DCedits.esp
    • Radiant Clouds and Fogs.esp
    • Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp
    • MergedPatch.esp
    • StartMeUp.esp
    1. Unique Followers Mod Page