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2018[edit | edit source]

2017[edit | edit source]

  • Christmas '16 (Forgot to update log)
    1. Added 4k flags
    2. Added High Quality Pip-Boy Icons, Vanilla HUD Remastered, Pause Menu HD
    3. Updated Vanilla UI+ link to point to the current moddb
    4. Added NVAC warning for Windows 10 users
  • Decemeber 16
    1. Updated FNVLODGen instructions to remove reference to vurts LOD
  • December 7
    1. Updated ini edit instructions for clarity.
    2. Updated NVSE installation instructions to reflect the new version.

  • UPDATE (can't remember the date)
    1. Updated Better Pickup Prompt, Vanilla UI Plus, Collision Meshes, JIP LN, IMPACT to latest version.
    2. Updated FNV 4GB Patcher to be more explicit.
    3. Added Tutorial Killer (I must have mistakenly removed this at some point)/
    4. Added PM's HD Ammo Boxes
    5. Removed Hectrol ED-E Deluxe
  • October 12
    1. Updated TTWLODGen link
    2. Will update other mods with latest versions soon (TM)
  • September 1 (some general culling and streamlining in prep for 3.0)
    1. Removed Vurts due to buggy collision, no proper LOD (going forward, will only add mods with matching LOD), and disrupting the initial FO3 vault exit.
    2. Removed Two Bears Highfiving.
    3. Updated RWL to latest version.
  • June 30
    1. Updated JIP, Vanilla UI+, Collision Meshes FO3, Collision Meshes FNV, Ragdolls to latest versions
    2. Added Cleaver and Chopper Retexture
    3. Removed Animation Project as it is no longer available.
  • May 16
    1. Split guide into Core and Graphics.
    2. Moved ordering of NMC.
    3. Fixed various typos.
  • May 06
    1. Removed Improved LOD Noise
    2. Updated Enhanced Terrain LOD Instructions to include LOD noise texture.
  • April 22
    1. Updated JIP and LN NVSE plugins to new joint plugin.
    2. Updated Loot Menu version.
    3. Updated EXE
    4. Replaced Tes4ll with ETL as it has pregenerated LOD for all TTW worldspaces.
  • March 14
    1. Added EXE
    2. Removed HD Fog, HD Smokey Fire and Explosions as they are now covered by EXE
    3. Added separate EVE explosion fix
    4. Added bowie knife retexture
    5. Updated Lutana NVSE link
  • Jan 18 Overhaul
    1. Updated instructions for newer versions of mods where applicable.
    2. Updated to new version of 4GB Fallout New Vegas Updated
    3. Removed OWB Sonic Emitter Projectile Fix and REPCONN Test Site Fixes as they are incorporated in the next TTWFixes.
    4. Removed Reload Speed game Start Fix as it is integrated in [User:Adonis_VII/TTW#Reload_Reloaded_.28FNV.29|Reload Reloaded]
    5. Added JIP Improved Recipe Menu and Loot Menu.
    6. Removed The Weapon Mod Menu due to its issue with Controllers.
    7. Readded Ragdolls.
    8. Removed New Vegas Uncut and TTW Burger Bunker due to performance issues for the time being. Will readd upon further updates.
    9. Merged Clutter & Misc section as well as all textures in Environment into a single Texture Overhauls section. Environment now only consists of mods that place new objects. Added and removed various texture mods from this new section as well as reordered for better overwrites.
    10. Added HD Fog as well as moving HD Mist and Hectrol FX Dustorm Deluxe to Effects.
    11. Added HR Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit
    12. Reogranized Weapons section
    13. Removed Weapon Mesh Improvement
    14. Removed More Perks for TTW for balance reasons.
    15. Added Animation Project and Reload Reloaded to Gameplay
    16. Removed Thermic Lance - Fire effects (integrated into YUP
    17. Updated instructions for Patching and LODGen

2016[edit | edit source]

  • July 20
    1. Updated instructions for More Perks for TTW
    2. Updated instructions for Realistic Interior Lighting
  • July 16
    1. Updated link for Super Mutant Mesh Replacer
  • July 14
    1. Removed Extended Dialogue - Vulpes as it's redundant with New Vegas Uncut.
  • July 09
    1. General tidying up of Creatures section
    2. Removed instruction remnants of Ghoul Hires Retexture for Breeze, and KDS Feral Ghoul Retexture (FO3).
  • July 03
    1. Updated IMPACT instructions.
    2. Added IMPACT - Compatibility Edition.
    3. Removed Forge Beyond - Bozar Hirezd - IMPACT patch (Not needed)
    4. Updated TTW-FO3 Hirezd Instructions to point to non IMPACT version as impacts are now dynamic.
    5. Updated TTW-WMX Alternative with new IMPACT versions and removed redundant Half-Hansified Holorifle.
  • July 01
    1. Updated Book of Steel Compatibility Edition link and instructions.
    2. Updated references to load order and LOOT.
  • June 18
    1. Removed Point Lookout Reborn due to too many issues.
  • June 12
    1. Slimming the guide a bit in preparation for new TTW release, some new mods coming out, and to work with packs like Mono's equipment pack.
    2. Removed Better Gas Leak Effect, Better Posture
  • April 16
    1. Replaced Omni's Pipboy with Realistice Pip-Boy Retexture.
  • April 14
    1. Overhauled Weapon Section.
  • April 10
    1. Overhauled Armor Section.
    2. Updated Cut Content, NVSE extenders, various fixes.
  • April 01
    1. Split off NPC-Alterntive and Weapons-WMX-Alternative into seperate sections to make the guide read easier.
    2. Removed Underwater Effects.
  • March 30
    1. Updated Gas Pumps of New Vegas instructions for updated .esp.
  • March 19
    1. Added Cherry Bomb HD Retexture
    2. Added FO3 version and edited FNV version of Collision Meshes

2015[edit | edit source]

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