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Skyrim Skill Uncapper AE

by Kasplat




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As with any mod with an INI configuration, Step recommends creating an 'empty' mod to contain a customizable configuration that will not be overwritten when the mod is updated. The INI file will not be generated until the game is launched, and it should appear in Overwrite. Once that is done later in the guide, revisit this mod and complete the following if it will be customized:

  1. Click MOlistoptions.png > Create empty mod, and name it (CONFIG) Skyrim Skill Uncapper AE.
  2. Copy the entire SKSE/ path from the source mod into the new mod.
  3. Delete all content under SKSE/Plugins/ except the INI file.
  4. Prioritize this configuration mod just after the source mod in MO such that the INI will override that of the source mod.