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[Display][edit | edit source]

bBorderless[edit | edit source]

bBorderless toggles the ability of the game window to be borderless if run in windowed mode.

Dependent upon:

  • bFull Screen=0

Default is 0.


bDrawLandShadows[edit | edit source]

bDrawLandShadows toggles the ability of land objects such as rocks and mountains to cast shadows.

Default is 0.


bEnableImprovedSnow[edit | edit source]

bEnableImprovedSnow toggles the new snow shader effect added in the Special Edition. It is recommended to be disabled.

Default is 1.


bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals[edit | edit source]

bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals toggles the use of projected UV diffuse normals on textures. It is recommended to be enabled, or else it can cause really white snow.

Default is 1.


bForceCreateTarget[edit | edit source]


Default is 0.


bFull Screen[edit | edit source]

bFull Screen toggles the ability of the game to be rendered fullscreen.

Default is 0.

bFull Screen=(0,1)

bFXAAEnabled[edit | edit source]

bFXAAEnabled toggles an almost zero-cost method of antialiasing using the FXAA technique. It actually seems to work well, and may be good enough on low-end systems to use it and disable other forms of antialiasing. Note, however, that there is a slight blurring applied to everything as a side effect.

Default is 0.


bIBLFEnable[edit | edit source]

bIBLFEnable toggles the horizontal lens flare effect most commonly associated with anamorphic lenses. It is recommended to be disabled.

Default is 1.


bIndEnable[edit | edit source]

bIndEnable toggles a buggy and performance-hungry form of indirect lighting. It is recommended to be disabled.

Default is 0.


bSAO_CS_Enable[edit | edit source]

bSAO_CS_Enable toggles a buggy form of ambient occlusion. CS probably stands for compute shader. It is recommended to be disabled.

Dependent upon:

  • bSAOEnable=1

Default is 0.


bSAOEnable[edit | edit source]

bSAOEnable toggles the use of screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO), a technique that calculates an approximation of indirect lighting at the corners of objects. It is recommended to be left enabled as it improves visual quality with very little performance loss.

Default is 1.


bScreenSpaceReflectionEnabled[edit | edit source]

bScreenSpaceReflectionEnabled toggles screen-space reflections (SSR), a technique which uses screen-space ray-tracing to calculate accurate reflections on the surface of objects. Because of its screen-space nature, however, the effect will fade at the edges of the screen. SSRs are most noticeable on water or metallic clutter. It is recommended to leave them enabled, unless certain water mods cause things to look strange.


bToggleSparkles[edit | edit source]

bToggleSparkles toggles the sparkles on the snow.

Dependent upon:

  • bEnableImprovedSnow=1

Default is 1.


bTreesReceiveShadows[edit | edit source]

bTreesReceiveShadows toggles the ability of trees to cast shadows on themselves. It may be disabled for a slight performance gain. It is recommended to be enabled.

Default is 1.


bUse64bitsHDRRenderTarget[edit | edit source]

bUse64bitsHDRRenderTarget toggles 64-bit render targets. Disabling this can cause a significant performance boost. It is a more precise method of rendering that can reduce banding in some cases. It can also significantly change the color of the image. It is recommended to be enabled.

Default is 0. Recommended is 1.


bUsePrecipitationOcclusion[edit | edit source]

bUsePrecipitationOcclusion toggles precipitation occlusion (rain will not appear under roofs).

Default is 1.


bUseTAA[edit | edit source]

bUseTAA toggles the use of Temporal Anti-Aliasing, a method for reducing aliasing (jagged edges) introduced in Skyrim Special Edition. While this technique may significantly improve visual appearance, it produces noticeable smoothing on the image, which some may find annoying, and is costly. It is recommended to be left enabled, unless the user prefers an alternate AA method such as built-in FXAA or MSAA.

Default is 1.


bVolumetricLightingEnable[edit | edit source]

bVolumetricLightingEnable toggles Godrays.

Default is 1.


fDynamicDOFBlurMultiplier[edit | edit source]


Default is 0.8000.


ffocusShadowMapDoubleEveryXUnit[edit | edit source]


Default is 450.0000.


fGamma[edit | edit source]

fGamma sets the gamma brightness. It is changeable in the in-game Settings > Display menu as Brightness.

Default is 1.0000.


fInteriorShadowDistance[edit | edit source]

fInteriorShadowDistance sets the distance that shadows are cast from the player while indoors. It is recommended to leave this at its default value.

Default is 3000.0000.


fLeafAnimDampenDistEnd[edit | edit source]


Default is 4600.0000.


fLeafAnimDampenDistStart[edit | edit source]


Default is 3600.0000.


fLightLODStartFade[edit | edit source]

fLightLODStartFade sets the distance light will begin to fade. It is changeable in the in-game Settings > Display menu as Light Fade.

Default is 1000.0000.


fMeshLODFadeBoundDefault[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODFadeBoundDefault sets the default mesh level of detail fade bound. Lower values increases the detail of distant models. Compared to fMeshLODFadePercentDefault, it seems to be tuned for more fine detail with less priority on meshes farther away.

Default is 256.0000.


fMeshLODFadePercentDefault[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODFadePercentDefault sets the default mesh level of detail fade percent. Larger values increases the detail of distant models. Compared to fMeshLODFadeBoundDefault, it seems to be tuned for distance with less priority toward fine detail.

Default is 1.2000.


fMeshLODLevel1FadeDist[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODLevel1FadeDist sets the primary mesh level of detail fade distance.

Default is 9999999.0000.


fMeshLODLevel1FadeTreeDistance[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODLevel1FadeTreeDistance sets the primary mesh level of detail fade distance for trees.

Dependent upon:

  • bRenderSkinnedTrees=1
  • bEnableTreeAnimations=1 in Skyrim.ini
  • bEnableTrees=1 in Skyrim.ini

Default is 2844.0000.


fMeshLODLevel2FadeDist[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODLevel2FadeDist sets the secondary mesh level of detail fade distance.

Default is 9999999.0000.


fMeshLODLevel2FadeTreeDistance[edit | edit source]

fMeshLODLevel2FadeTreeDistance sets the secondary mesh level of detail fade distance for trees.

Dependent upon:

  • bRenderSkinnedTrees=1
  • bEnableTreeAnimations=1 in Skyrim.ini
  • bEnableTrees=1 in Skyrim.ini

Default is 2048.0000.


fProjectedUVDiffuseNormalTilingScale[edit | edit source]


Default is 0.5000.


fProjectedUVNormalDetailTilingScale[edit | edit source]


Default is 1.2000.


fShadowDistance[edit | edit source]

fShadowDistance sets the distance that shadows are cast from the player outdoors.

Default is 8000.0000.


fTreesMidLODSwitchDist[edit | edit source]

fTreesMidLODSwitchDist sets the distance that skinned trees are rendered.

Dependent upon:

  • bRenderSkinnedTrees=1
  • bEnableTreeAnimations=1 in Skyrim.ini
  • bEnableTrees=1 in Skyrim.ini

Default is 3600.0000.


iMaxDecalsPerFrame[edit | edit source]

iMaxDecalsPerFrame sets the maximum number of decals displayed per frame.

Default is 100.


iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame[edit | edit source]

iMaxSkinDecalsPerFrame sets the maximum number of decals displayed on skin per frame, most notably blood decals on the player's skin. These decals are independent from iMaxDecalsPerFrame.

Default is 25.


iNumFocusShadow[edit | edit source]


Default is 4.


iNumSplits[edit | edit source]

iNumSplits sets the number of shadow splits. Acceptable values appear to be 2 or 3. More experimentation with iNumSplits=3 is warranted. Setting this to 0 or lower crashes the game. A setting of 1 is buggy. 4 is buggy.

Default is 2.


iReflectionResolutionDivider[edit | edit source]

iReflectionResolutionDivider sets the screen-space reflections (SSR) resolution divider.

  • Setting this to 1 will render SSR at the game's full resolution.
  • Setting this to a higher number will reduce SSR quality, but significantly improve performance.
  • Setting this to 0 will crash the game, since it likely results in a division by 0.

Default is 2.


iSaveGameScreenShotHeight[edit | edit source]


Default is 192.


iSaveGameScreenShotHeighWSt[edit | edit source]


Default is 192.


iSaveGameScreenShotWidth[edit | edit source]


Default is 256.


iSaveGameScreenShotWidthWS[edit | edit source]


Default is 320.


iScreenShotIndex[edit | edit source]

iScreenShotIndex sets the index number of the screenshot. It increases incrementally with each screenshot taken.

Default is 0.


iShadowMapResolution[edit | edit source]

iShadowMapResolution sets the resolution of shadows.

Default is 2048.


iShadowMaskQuarter[edit | edit source]


Default is 4.


iSize H[edit | edit source]

iSize H sets the height of the game resolution in pixels.

Default is 1080.

iSize H=(...,-1,0,1,...)

iSize W[edit | edit source]

iSize W sets the width of the game resolution in pixels.

Default is 1920.

iSize W=(...,-1,0,1,...)

iVolumetricLightingQuality[edit | edit source]

iVolumetricLightingQuality sets the Godrays quality. As per the Fallout 4 guide: 0 is low. 1 is medium. 2 is High. 3 is Ultra.

Default is 1.


iVSyncPresentInterval[edit | edit source]

iVSyncPresentInterval sets the vertical synchronization interval.

Default is 1.


uBookRatio[edit | edit source]


This value is an unsigned integer, and must therefore be positive.
Setting this to -1 causes the game to change the value to the highest positive number by integer overflow (e.g. 4294967295).

Default is 2.