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No Grass In Objects

by meh321




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Download "Grass Control" from Main Files and install as normal.

Also Download "Grass Generation MO Plugin v1" and open it in 7-Zip.

  1. From Windows Explorer, navigate to C:/Modding/Tools/Mod Organizer/plugins
  2. Drag into the MO Plugins directory.
  3. Close and restart MO.
Grass Configuration

The following configuration applies to all users, regardless of whether or not grass LOD will be generated using DynDLOD. Precaching grass is necessary for this mod to resolve some specific stuttering issues when loading cells outdoors in grassy areas. Precaching also generally improves performance in these areas. Precaching grass is also required by DynDOLOD to generate grass LOD, but this mod has nothing to do with grass LOD otherwise.

Modify Config
  1. Double click on the mod in the MO left pane
  2. Click on the "Text Files" tab to modify GrassControl.config.txt
  3. Find the following settings and edit as follows:
RayCast = True

SuperDenseGrass = False ProfilerReport = False UseGrassCache = True ExtendGrassDistance = True ExtendGrassCount = False EnsureMaxGrassTypesPerTextureSetting = 15 OverwriteGrassDistance = 6144 OverwriteGrassFadeRange = 14128 OverwriteMinGrassSize = 67 GlobalGrassScale = 1.15 OnlyLoadFromCache = True

DynDOLODGrassMode = 0