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ENBLocal INI Reference for SkyrimSE

A comprehensive modder's resource for editing 'enblocal.ini' for SkyrimSE

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Guide Scope

This guide is intended to be a comprehensive reference to the functionality of all parameters found within enblocal.ini, as it evolves. All of the user-configurable parameters contained within enblocal.ini are defined. Section are in the order alphabetical order, besides [PROXY]. Jump to a relevant INI section using the links below and navigate back to this 'hub' using the link that appears at the top of each section page.

Default INI (ENBseries v0.460)

INI parameters by section


Major credits and thanks go out to the following for helping with this Guide:

Keithinhanoi is an authority on the enblocal.ini file and its functions; only second to Boris. The completeness of the Guide would not have been possible without him and his hours of research and testing.
Aiyen helped to define parameters with clarity for the Guide. Without him, the Guide wouldn't have gotten off the ground.