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Skyrim Redesigned

by Dracomies
Game: SkyrimLE
Download: Nexus
Mod Group: 06-Models & Textures
Baseline: n/a
Links: Forum
CR Patch: No
LW Patch: No
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Guide/Version-Specific Mod Recommendations[edit]

Existing Guides
Version-specific Recommendations must use a Version string equal to that of both ModList and Guide!Copy/paste the intended guide version from the "Existing Guides" table above (if it exists) into the field below.Editors: Please DO NOT use wiki headings inside of custom Recommendations and also avoid using templates if at all possible! Template calls add to the max threshold, and headings mess up the guide ToC.


Download and install the FOMOD version and install according to the instructions below:
DO NOT use the STEP option in the installer. It pertains to old versions of the Guide.

FOMOD Instructions
Skyrim Redesigned
  • Options
    • Options
      • ◉ Custom Installation
        • Next
  • Custom Installation
    • Skyrim Redesigned
      • ☑ Alchemy Table
      • ☑ Anvil
      • ☑ Bloody Rags
      • ☑ Brown (less saturated) Money Bags
      • ☑ Buckets
      • ☑ Enchanting Table-Css01 Retexture
      • ☑ Hagraven Claws
      • ☑ Skeever Tail
      • ☑ Skeleton Key
        • Install

Users who experience black and purple or rainbow colors on their money bag and alchemy lab tables need to set iTexMipMapSkip to the value of 0. This is found in the SkyrimPrefs.ini file under the [Display] header.