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Text value that allows mods to be grouped into guide-section tables

Allowed values:

Value Description
01-Tools Standalone applications that aid in the management of the modding process
02-Extenders Mods that expand on the inherent functionality of a game or another mod without themselves affecting content
03-Resources Mods solely providing assets intended specifically for use by other mods without themselves affecting content
04-Foundation Baseline mods having many conflicting assets that should be overridden by other mods OR mods having programmatic changes that are widely accepted and adopted/expected by other mods
05-Animation and Physics Mods that affect animations or physics
06-Models and Textures Mods that replace existing models or textures
07-Sounds and Music Mods that affect sounds or music
08-Character Appearance Mods that affect the appearance of the player character or NPCs
09-Fixes Mods have a programmatic component that fixes various bugs and/or inconsistencies
10-Gameplay-General Mods that affect general or multiple gameplay mechanics
11-Gameplay-AI and Combat Mods that affect AI, stats, or combat mechanics of NPCs
12-Gameplay-Economy Mods that affect currency, rewards, values, rates, or any other economy-related mechanics
13-Gameplay-Immersion Mods that help to improve game immersion and role-playing scenarios
14-Gameplay-Quests Mods that alter aspects of quests and/or related lore
15-Gameplay-Skills and Perks Mods that affect the player character's or NPC skills and perks or related leveling
16-Interface Mods that affect any aspect of the user interface
17-Locations Mods that programmatically add new or alter vanilla locations
18-Lighting and Weather Mods that affect lighting and/or weather systems **installation is optional**
19-Utilities Mods that generate derived mod output from load-order-specific assets
20-Patches Mods that programmatically resolve load-order conflicts
21-Post-Processing Mods that affect post-processing graphics **installation is optional**
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09-Fixes  +
06-Models and Textures  +
06-Models and Textures  +
06-Models and Textures  +, 07-Sounds and Music  +
06-Models and Textures  +
06-Models and Textures  +
05-Animation and Physics  +
05-Animation and Physics  +
06-Models and Textures  +
16-Interface  +
06-Models and Textures  +
06-Models and Textures  +
13-Gameplay-Immersion  +
06-Models and Textures  +
06-Models and Textures  +
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